How Obscure Glass Can Improve The Overall Aesthetics Of Your Home

On February 10, 2020 by Preeti Shah

Obscure glass can add beauty to any home and commercial space, adding a touch of class, style, and elegance. Obscure glass is known to be remarkably versatile and can add superior privacy to any space.

Amazing varieties of obscure glass options are available so that you can pick the ideal glass for your home. Most people know nothing about obscure glass, except that it blurs a person’s view. So, I thought it would be nice to educate you on the benefits and features of obscure glass.

Why Use Obscure Glass If Other Options Are Available?

Obscure Glass


Walls with glass pane are preferred in homes to provide natural lights. However, they fail to provide privacy. As a result, you end up keeping the curtains on! If you want to consider your privacy without compromising the aesthetics of your home, then obscure glass can serve the purpose. Obscure glass is a beautiful addition to the house because it adds a touch of elegance and style.

Specifications: As the name suggests, obscure glass “obscure” the visibility between the spaces. They are textured and, thus, provide privacy while allowing the light to flow. Obscure glasses are available in various specifications such as thermal insulation, fire resistance, heat or glare reduction, security and sound insulation. The obscure soundproof glass reduces noise and is perfect for the living room and study room where you prefer a noise-free environment.

You get to choose the layers of glazing per your requirement. While single glazed doors may capture heat and light, double glazed would only retain the valuable heat. You can choose the layers as per your requirement.

Features And Benefits Of Obscure Glass: Obscure glasses are the best option to enhance the fancy of the home as compared to any other type of glass. Along with contributing to the beauty of the house, obscure glasses offer below features and benefits:

  1. Safe & tough: Obscure glass is stronger and safer than normal glass. It is tough and adds an extra layer of protection to your home.
  2. Energy-efficient: You might not be aware that obscure glasses can help in maintaining indoor temperature because of its energy efficiency. It blocks the cold during winter and filters sunlight in summer to maintain the temperature.
  3. Low maintenance: these glasses are long-lasting and easy to clean. Because of the textured surface, it becomes harder for the dirt to stick on the surface of the glass. It can easily be wiped with a clean cloth.

Things To Consider When Using Obscure Glass At Home

Things To Consider When Using Obscure Glass At Home

While obscure glass can be used in countless ways in both offices and homes when choosing obscure glass for your needs you need to consider the fact that it is not entirely opaque, which means some outlines are still visible.

The sophisticated patterns of obscure glasses can transform the look and feel of your space. They are contemporary and affordable alternatives to curtains and blinds at your home. Here are the factors that you should consider when deciding to choose obscure glass for home:

  1. Size: The glasses can be ordered by size. There are sheets of glasses that can be ordered and then cut to size before application.
  2. Purpose: Obscure glasses respect privacy and allow daylight to enter without unbalancing room temperature.
  3. Place/Area: Obscure glasses can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and even the roofs because of their tough nature. They can block unattractive exterior views, and frosted glass interior door can be an attractive option for entry doors or foyer rooms.
  4. Budget: Obscure glasses are fit for any budget. There is an unlimited range of glass designs to choose from. From standard designs to custom creations, you can select the quality of glass based on your budget.
  5. Home settings: The obscure glasses are versatile and, thus, fit into your home setting easily. They add a contemporary glamour and traditional accent to emphasize any architectural style.
  6. Beautiful & Unexpected: Beyond all the benefits, there is a strong decorative element of the obscure glass that can add depth and dimension to your home!

What Makes It The Most Suitable Choice For The Bathroom And Kitchen?

When designing your kitchen and bathroom, you’d want to consider your privacy options without sacrificing the aesthetic of the space. Installing obscure glass is a way out for your kitchen and bathroom as it will not only provide protection but also give your bathroom and kitchen a unique look.

At Fab Glass and Mirror, you’ll get the best quality obscure glass, which can enhance the look and feel of your bathroom and kitchen, and provides the following benefits:

Privacy (Especially In The Bathroom): One of the reasons most homeowners use obscure glass is the privacy that obscure glass provides. It can be used for your bathroom windows, doors, and showers, to prevent exposure in the bathroom. We have different varieties of obscure glass for your bathroom, depending on the level of privacy you’d prefer.

Obscure Glass For Bathroom

Energy Efficient (Especially In The Kitchen): An obscure glass may be translucent, but it can still give your kitchen the same level of brightness as transparent glass. It is extremely energy efficient, and it does not compromise light admittance. Also, it can filter sunlight making your kitchen appear lighter without allowing too much heat penetration.

Obscure Glass For Kitchen

Final thoughts

Are you looking to add a touch of beauty to your home? Adding Obscure glass is an excellent way to achieve that. With Fab Glass and Mirror, you’re guaranteed a great quality product and the best installers to help you fix your glass. Shoot us a message today and get your obscure glass delivered right to your doorstep free of delivery charges. And hey! Its products are very affordable.

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