How Often Should You Change Your Air Purifier Filter?


Air Purifier Filter

Air purifiers are a solid choice for purification of indoor air. They help filter various contaminants like dust, pollen, pet dander, other particulate matter, and even certain bacteria and viruses that may be present in the air. Breathing clean air is essential for your family’s health and especially for people suffering from respiratory issues or allergies.

There are various types of purifiers that have different filters. The capacity and capability of different air purifier filters vary. To keep your air purifier in the best condition and filtering air adequately, the air purifier filters must be changed from time to time. They collect a lot of dirt and dust with prolonged use, which will render them ineffective after a while.

Here are some tips on how often you should change your air purifier filter, how to clean them, why they must be replaced, and what the life of air purifier filters depends on.

  1. Why Do Purifier Filters Need Replacement?

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Air purifier filters clean indoor air by trapping all contaminants in it. Over time, the filters get saturated with these pollutants. Saturated filters cannot clean the air anymore. Besides losing their efficiency, air cannot pass through the filters easily either, putting pressure on your purifier. So, it is best to change air filters regularly to keep your purifier in optimum condition.

  1. What Does Air Filter Life Depend On?

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Air filters will last long or not very long in your house, depending on certain factors like indoor air quality, quality of water used for washing filters, purifier usage, and the type of filter itself.

If indoor air is dirty, the filters will get saturated sooner. The same goes for water. If you wash reusable filters with water that contains a lot of mineral deposits, it will clog the filter quicker. An air purifier that is running day and night will need more maintenance and early filter replacements than one that is used less frequently.

Filter cleaning and replacement mainly depend on the type of filter. Some filters have a life of a few months, while HEPA filters can last longer.

  1. What Is The Replacement Schedule For Different Types Of Filters?

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You need to understand the type and capacity of your air purifier filter to know when it is time to change it. But many air purifier models come with an indicator feature that lets you know when it is time to clean the filter or replace it entirely.

Generally, HEPA filters must be changed annually, while carbon filters need a replacement within 3 to 6 months. Pre-filters must be cleaned every month and should be replaced as soon as they are worn out. Permanent filters need cleaning every three months. These must be changed when they seem damaged.

This timeline is a general guideline, and there could be exceptions where certain filters get dirty sooner or maybe last longer.

  1. How To Ensure Longevity Of Filters?

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Limit dust and smoke inside the house. Check the filter regularly and follow the cleaning and replacement schedule.


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