How Professional Plumbers Save More Lives Than Doctors


Professional Plumber

If you are a San Diego resident, you may have acquired the services of a Colepepper Plumbing plumber at one time or another. While you may have appreciated them for the excellent service provided, you may not be aware of the crucial role that skilled plumbers play. Those say that plumbers have saved more lives than doctors have in the last century. Although this statement may have some level of exaggeration, good plumbing professionals do save lives in many ways.

Access To Clean Water

Clean Water

It is unlikely that you kept tabs on the number of times that you turned on the tap last week to bathe, brush, cook, clean, and so on. Having clean water flow out of the faucet has become so commonplace that it is easy to take it for granted. You may not know that there are still more than 750 million people around the world who lack access to clean water. Most Americans, however, can have water quickly whenever they need it.

It would be hard to imagine all the things that you cannot do without water. In some areas around the world, water is not as accessible as a struggle to consume the right amount of safe drinking water. In one way or another, Plumbers have figured in making water available to you to address your health, hygiene, and other needs. In this regard, plumbers do save lives.

Disease Control


According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), more than 500,000 children younger than age five die each year from diarrhea. Most of these children are living in rural areas in developing countries. This means that around 2,000 children die each day because of an easily preventable illness. The same report from the WHO points out the leading causes of unsafe drinking water, inadequate water for hygiene, and the absence of water for proper sanitation. Unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation, and poor health also cause other illnesses such as Guinea worm disease, schistosomiasis, and trachoma.

Good plumbers also play essential roles in getting clean and safe water to communities. Their skills are needed to ensure that water stays safe and uncontaminated as it flows out of your faucet. A weak plumbing system can cause a host of problems like what happened in Hong Kong some time ago. An outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) spurred government officials to enlist experts’ help, including those from the plumbing industry. The investigation pointed to a poor plumbing design as the leading cause of the outbreak.

Even though the responsibility for controlling the spread of waterborne diseases does not rest solely on the shoulders of plumbers, their role remains vital. They have to be diligent in their work as the results can significantly impact human lives.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

In times of water shortage, good plumbers are also especially appreciated for their artistry, contributing to water efficiency. A well-maintained plumbing system and does not have any leaks go a long way in conserving water. Good plumbers also go out of their way to introduce homeowners to innovations in plumbing fixtures that will help make the house more water-efficient. While this may not directly save lives, their skills and actions create a positive impact on society.

Saying that good plumbers save more lives is not meant to downplay the importance of doctors. Instead, the statement is intended to highlight crucial contributions that your modest plumber regularly provides. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the doctors themselves are thankful for the critical role in our communities.

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