How Technology Is Reshaping The World Of Interior Design


Interior Design And Technology

The world has become a global village with the advent of the Internet and Social Media. Everyone is always connected to the world digitally, and technology progresses faster every day at a record-breaking pace. It holds true for both individuals and the spaces in which they live.

With various aspects of technology improving and changing billions of individuals’ lives, one can only wonder how technology can be used effectively by the best interior designers in Bangalore.

With everything from cars and deliveries being automated and AI taking over jobs, it was inevitable that modern technology would soon make its mark on the various processes of interior designing.

With every company adapting to this quick flow of technological innovations, contemporary designers had no choice but to adapt or stay the same and be left out. Sounds fair because India’s interior designer market has a market value of about 20-30 billion dollars.

With these advancements growing every day, interior designers are forced to embrace the new modern way of designing a home. However, technological advances have so far outweighed the inconvenience by a considerably significant margin.

With video calls, virtual reality designing, and cost calculations, technological advancements in the interior designing fields have now brought more people closer than ever and making every design as effective and affordable as possible.

It has been easier to be done with traditional ways of progress as modern innovations have made it hassle-free to make any idea a reality. With various software enhancements and computer-aided software, customers and clients can now connect, visualize and bring ideas to fruition quickly.

Take a look at the different ways technology is shaping the fields of interior designing and how it will change in the future:

  • Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality:

Customers can only buy designs if the client can adequately conceptualize them and display them. Before technology, this wasn’t even possible, but even a complicated design can be shown on screen to the customers with new virtual reality software.

Through 3D rendered models, customers can directly experience how the structure and design would look. No need to explain the confusing 2D figures and sketches and make things more complicated.

3D visualization software can give the clients a chance to update the material, design, size, and shape on the go as the customer prefers.

Virtual reality headsets can also give clients a full surround display and immerse them into a projection of the design itself. It allows customers to see how the design looks and give feedback on the spot to create what the customers prefer.

Augmented reality has been prevalent in shaping the way customers view their designs and renovations. It has also been implemented by various designing companies where pictures and objects can be placed in real-time videography.

It works by linking virtual reality technology with the real-world image projected through a camera. The benefit of this is that customers can customize their designs in real-time and get an idea of the budget and costs.

Moreover, clients can view these designs in the comfort of their own homes and don’t need to get out and go to the office or the building of the designer they hired.

  • 3D Printing Technology:

It is the best modern way to create complicated designs in architecture and interior fabrications. 3D printing has been advancing significantly in the past year, continuing to cross barriers and hurdles to immense possibilities in the future. The most famous application would be the modular pieces done by CNC machines that produce perfect finishing touches to the designs.

  • Smart Homes And Smart Sensors:

Smart homes can bring the internet’s power into the devices and equipment that can communicate with the owner and with each other. Gadgets and appliances with intelligent features can allow the customer to enable the house to function according to their personal preferences and interests.

It can also enable intelligent sensors that provide more effectiveness in device working and create a more secure home. An example of smart devices includes smart speakers, smart locks, and security systems that offer all-around convenience and protection.

  • Digital Drafting Softwares:

New age software and design applications allow interior designers to fabricate their 2D concepts into a real scale 3D image. Furthermore, these 3D designs can be incorporated into virtual or augmented reality or walkthroughs for the customers’ convenience. Digital drafts can also be stored or accessed from online libraries that offer countless models and designs for interior designers in Bangalore.

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