How The Lite Up Texas Program Saves Low Income Households Money


The Lite-up Texas program is an initiative that was started by the federal government more than a decade ago. The program targets low-income families that are not able to sustain themselves due to unemployment or old age. Every household that enrolls into the program is entitled to a discount when paying for energy bills. This guarantees that families from poor backgrounds can also afford to have light in their homes and keep warm during winter. Here is a list of the milestones that have been achieved by the program.

  1. Affordable Charges

Affordable Charges 

The charges that are billed to energy consumers that are enrolled in lite up texas are way too below than what ordinary consumers pay. This is because the government has continued to offer incentives including tax to companies that provide electricity through the program. Once you are in the program, you are allowed to choose between prepaid and postpaid packages.

However, the majority of Texans prefer the former because it makes it easy to manage the energy that’s consumed in a household daily. Every energy company that’s enrolled in the program has an online portal that enables the consumers to see the volume of power that they have already spent, the volume that’s remaining and the amount of money they have saved. This enables consumers to make an informed decision when shifting between different energy providers in Texas.

  1. Flexible Payment Systems

Flexible Payment Systems 

Unlike in the past when one had to visit the offices of their energy provider personally, nowadays it’s possible to make payments while on the go. As long as you have access to the internet, you can pay your energy bills instantly via credit card. And that’s not all. You have the option of paying through your phone or sending your payment via Moneygram. This saves you from the trouble of having to spend many hours waiting in the long queues.

  1. Easy Approvals 

Easy Approvals 

Applying for power connection in other companies can be an uphill task. This is because there is a lot of paperwork involved. Some will even refuse to approve your application if you have a poor credit score. Besides that, they also take ages to connect your home to the main grid. But the story is different for consumers that source their energy from the companies that are listed in the Texas power program.

For a start, everyone is qualified including those who have pending credit card debts. The companies don’t bother to check your credit score. They also don’t ask you to make any deposit during the application process. In addition to that, connections are completed in one day to avoid inconveniencing their customers. 

  1. Reliable Customer Service 

Reliable Customer Service 

Other than offering energy at reduced prices Texas power providers guarantee the best customer service. They allow customers to communicate with them in real time via mobile phone and email. Since they work 24/7, they can address concerns that are brought forward by their customers within the shortest time possible. If you have experienced a technical fault in your home, you can expect it to be solved in a matter of several hours. They have many companies, meaning they have more than enough staff at any given time.

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