How The Pandemic Made Us Reconsider Our Buying Choices


Online Shopping

In a world where we are constantly connected to the internet, it can be challenging to find things locally. This is especially true for high-tech items like washing machines and TVs. However, in recent years there has been a shift in how people shop for these hi-tech gadgets. The global Coronavirus pandemic made us all think more about shopping locally, even for electronics goods. There are many benefits to shopping at your local retailer instead of online: you’ll help support your community, save money on petrol and time, and you’ll have the benefit of knowing your hard-earned money is going back into the local economy and not a faceless corporate entity.

Everything On Amazon?

Online Buying

At the start of the global pandemic, it felt like Amazon delivery drivers were part of the emergency services. Many of us were using them to not only buy our usual essentials but also shopping for groceries there too. However, as the (western) world at least starts to emerge from the ravages of the pandemic, a lot of people are becoming more aware that we need to help our local economy recover. It’s been widely reported that the dominance of Amazon as an online player is taking a significant chunk of revenue away from our tried and trusted retailers, many of whom have been in business for years but, unlike Amazon, had to lockdown during the worst parts of the pandemic. Fortunately, it seems like many people are starting to rethink their online shopping habits.

The Joy Of Local

Buying locally (and independently) doesn’t need to be restricted to simply buying groceries. If you live in a medium-sized town, you will probably have a local retailer who sells everything under the sun and has been doing so for many years. A lot of these places have been able to recover from the pandemic and extend their ranges back up again. Many local businesses are family businesses that have been trading for years and, in some cases, generations. As such, they appreciate the value of your business more than Amazon ever will.

If you want to support a local business but also experience the cost benefits of buying from an international group, the next time you are looking to buy an electrical item, you may want to consider checking out

Euronics, you see, is an international buying group, but its members are local businesses. So, the next time you are buying an electrical item for either yourself or as a gift, remember that it’s always better to shop locally first. You’ll help support your community and ensure that those who need jobs still have them.

The pandemic made many of us reflect on all aspects of our lives. Never again will many of us take for granted eating in our local restaurant or visiting our local pub. Many of us were isolated from local businesses in the same way we were isolated from our families. And, with working from home for people in clerical or professional fields set to continue indefinitely, we think it’s time to reassess our buying habits closer to home too.

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