How The Right Mattress Will Give You A Good Night’s Sleep


We all know how essential a better night’s sleep is for our happiness, health, and overall well-being, alongside other staples such as exercise and nutrition. Getting a decent amount of shut-eye after a long day helps our systems rest and renew overnight and ensures you’re ready to go the next day again.

A 2018 survey by Chemist 4 U found that women in the UK averaged 381.6 minutes /6.36 hours of sleep per night with men averaging 376.8 minutes /6.28 hours per night. Research has also found that getting the required amount of sleep can lead to several benefits such as enhanced memory function, a better immunity system, and improved physical activity.

Mattress technology has developed at significant rates over the past few years, with new technology and fabrics emerging into the market all of the time. With this in mind, it’s essential to create the right atmosphere to ensure you a get a good night’s sleep – and one of the most important factors is having the right mattress to suit you. A suitable bed will mean you can rest properly and your body will relax comfortably, giving you the sleep you need after a hard day.

Here Are A Few Benefits Of Having The Right Mattress To Suit You

Better For Your Spinal Alignment

A Right Mattress

A right mattress should always support each part of your body equally as without this; you will not feel sufficiently relaxed while getting off to sleep. If the weight distribution is not right, your lower back area won’t feel supported, so your spine won’t rest in a neutral position so you will wake up feeling uncomfortable. If this doesn’t improve over time, you could start to suffer from chronic pain. Soft mattresses are less supportive generally, and spring mattresses tend to rest too heavily on your shoulders and hips. When choosing your new mattress, try and look for one which supports the natural curve of your spine.

Tackle Snoring

Tackle Snoring

We all snore at some point or maybe your partner does. Snoring can occur for several reasons, but it can be due to the airways being partly blocked during sleep, and this can be due to sleeping on your back. It could also be your mattress, and if it dips too much, your head and neck won’t get the right and equal level of support constricting your airways and throat, which leads to snoring.

Prevent Tossing And Turning

Prevent Tossing And Turning

It’s a horrible feeling not to be able to sleep and tossing and turning through the night doesn’t make anyone feel great when the alarm clock goes off in the morning. Turning over in the night sends motion waves through your mattress, but a poor quality mattress will not absorb these properly leading to even more disruption. A firmer mattress will absorb waves properly even if your other half is in and out of bed at a different time to you.

Keep Stress Levels Down

Keep Stress Levels Down

Lack of sleep can feel stressful and make you less alert and motivated for the day ahead. Disrupted sleep can also produce more stress hormones which can increase blood pressure. Deeper sleep from choosing the right mattress will keep your stress levels down and keep you more relaxed in general.

Choosing the right mattress is vital if you want to sleep soundly so you can tackle the day ahead.

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