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AC Repair

Can you imagine surviving the summer without air conditioning? Probably not. These units do magic in the summer season by keeping indoor temperatures cool and pleasant.

After the dormant winter period, it’s common for AC units to show signs of trouble, such as poor airflow, frequent cycling, strange smells, weird noises, etc. Professional assistance is indispensable to get ACs fixed before summer. Make sure to visit this website to learn about air-conditioning repair.

These are the most frequent issues when Morrison residents need AC repair.

Dirty Filter

A common reason why residents of Morrison require air-conditioning repair is restricted airflow caused by a dirty filter. Regardless of the type of AC you have, a clogged filter is responsible for limited airflow, reduced efficiency, and limited ability for effective air cooling. It’s paramount for homeowners to check their filters periodically to ensure they don’t get clogged.

Moreover, these filters are supposed to be replaced with new ones every three to twelve months. Homeowners whose air-conditioning systems run constantly or those who keep pets in the house should replace their filters more frequently. Nevertheless, instead of replacing the system on your own, you should contact a professional technician who is an expert in following the recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Another reason why Morrison residents might need air-conditioning repair is when dealing with a frozen evaporator coil. It occurs when AC units receive an insufficient amount of air to function normally as a result of debris buildup. When dirt accumulates on the coils, airflow is restricted, and the warm air fails to reach the refrigerant.

In such scenarios, the refrigerant becomes overly cold, forcing the moisture on the coils to freeze. As time goes by, the moisture turns into ice and impedes the refrigerant inside the coil to absorb heat. Follow this URL,, to learn how to put refrigerant in an AC unit. Consequently, the air-conditioning process is disrupted. When coping with such an issue, make sure to contact an AC technician to inspect the damage and provide defrosting instructions.

In most cases, technicians advise homeowners to defrost the evaporator coil by switching the unit off and not using it for 24 hours. If the frost is moderate, the system should keep running on fan mode, as the blower fan can melt the frost away without turning the unit off. The best way to prevent this issue is by regularly cleaning your evaporator coil.

Damaged Compressor

Another air-conditioning defect that requires professional AC assistance is dealing with a damaged compressor. The compressor is the heart of air-conditioning systems, as these systems cannot function without it. The role of this integral component is to compress refrigerant gas and transport it through the system to remove heat and humidity from the house.

Some issues lead to compressor damage, such as low refrigerant charge, dirt in the coils, electrical problems, blocked suction lines, inadequate lubricant levels, or contaminants in the compressor. For instance, when there’s a lack of refrigerant, the compressor becomes too hot and fails to operate. If there’s more refrigerant than necessary, the pressure in the unit will increase and cause the compressor to fail.

Compressor damage is an expensive issue to repair, sometimes even impossible. Make sure to call an AC technician to assess the damage before deciding whether to repair or replace the compressor. In the event of severe damage, it’s wiser to have the part replaced.

A Malfunctioning Thermostat

Morrison residents often need AC repair due to thermostat malfunctioning. If your unit is short cycling and the house is warmer than normal, it’s likely for the thermostat to be faulty. This issue might be induced by a buildup of corrosion or dust or dead batteries. There might be some loose wires or screws inside it, which affect its function.

Moreover, the position of the thermostat plays an essential role in its function as well. For instance, if it’s exposed to direct sunlight, the reading might be impacted. Incorrect calibration might also lead to a malfunctioning thermostat. When having problems with your thermostat, you should first check whether the batteries work fine and then eliminate any dirt after removing the cover.

Nevertheless, if there are signs of corrosion buildup, you should contact a professional to avoid doing any more damage. The technician may also advise you to change the placement of the thermostat from a sunny to a shaded area. If having an issue with incorrect calibration, an AC professional will have it recalibrated.

Leaking Ducts

Morrison homeowners having ducted air conditioners might face an issue with leaking ducts. The role of ductwork is to carry cold air to the entire house. Therefore, when there’s a hole in the ductwork, the functioning of the unit is compromised. Apart from affecting the cooling capacity, leaking ducts increase dirt and pollutants. The extra amount of debris clogs the filters and results in uneven cooling.

If you suspect such an issue, contact an AC professional to look for tears and holes in the ductwork. Technicians also turn units on at full speed to inspect the airflow. The majority of leaks occur in places where two ducts are joined, so technicians make sure to inspect the joints first. Once these professionals locate a leak, they use an air duct sealant to apply it to the holes and gaps. The sealant is supposed to harden after getting dry and prevent air from coming out.

Fan Failure

The outdoor AC unit is responsible for transferring heat from the inside to the outside through a fan placed in the outdoor unit. In case this fan fails to perform its job, heat transfer won’t occur. This leads to a potential risk of overheating the compressor. The most usual cause of this problem is either a loose component or a wiring issue.

In Conclusion

Immediate assistance is vital to repair your unit successfully!

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