How To Accessorize Your Bathroom On A Budget


Many people are under the assumption that you need to spend thousands to revamp your bathroom to make it look new again, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Even with a few bucks, there are a few things you can do today to accessorize your bathroom and make it look like a million bucks again:

  1. Simple Accessories Will Do Magic

Bathroom Accessories

Simple bathroom accessories are a delightful way to break the normalcy of your standard bathroom since they bring life to your bathing spaces for next to nothing.  Whether it’s replacing the toilet paper holder or installing a new towel rod, a modern accessory can make a world of difference.

  1. Think About Wooden Counter Tops

Bathroom Countertop

Bathroom countertops are often the center of attraction, and the good thing is, there are various materials and designs to choose from that don’t crush your wallet. These popular options include granite, marble, and quartz; however, wooden countertops are often the best choice to consider since it’s both affordable and fashionable. All you have to do is decide the right finishing for the design.

  1. Replace Your Older Towels

Supreme Towels

Don’t tolerate old fashioned towels and linen since it’s easy and quite affordable to replace them with new ones.  If you haven’t replaced your towels in the past five years, it may be time to throw them out and purchase a new set of towels and washcloths.

  1. Replace The Shower Curtain

Shower curtains, like the counters, stand out in your bathroom space. Experts recommend it’s best to go with bright colors to liven up small spaces, but with a shower curtain, you don’t have to worry about the cost since there are many inexpensive options you can choose from.

  1. Mirror Up The Wall

Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors are an essential part of the bathroom, especially the powder room. Find a nice sized mirror that can also serve as a wall decoration. Alternatively, you can refurbish your mirrors by adding a colorful frame. Did you know that bathroom mirrors naturally make small spaces appear larger?

  1. Liven Up Your Space With Architectural Potted Trees

Bathroom Plant

If you have the space inside your bathroom, these types of plants are meant to augment the interior beauty inside your bathroom if you know where to place them. Not only do the plants create a peaceful effect on your bathroom space, but they also keep the air refreshed. Examples of great indoor trees include rubber trees, the Norfolk pine, or the money tree.

  1. Look Into Purchase A Bathtub Tray And/Or Baskets

Bathtub Tray

Bathtub trays are great for housing items like soaps, shower gels, and other cosmetics. They are also a convenient way to create a wonderful good bath and wine experience. Simple material designs exist, and you can customize your own designs and color schemes.

  1. Take Advantage Of Your Blank Walls

Small Bathroom Design

For a small bathroom, be sure to utilize all of your wall spaces simply.  For example, you can do this by adding intuitive storage spaces that also serve as decorations all around the walls; for instance, you could install silver cups designed to store soap and other bathroom-related items.

  1. Lighting Makes Or Breaks Your Bathroom

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is perhaps the most overlooked aspect when accessorizing a bathroom, but it’s important to remember that lighting can accentuate or diminish the beauty of your bathroom. Ensure your bathroom is properly lit by installing fluorescent bulbs and mirrors on the wall to enhance the reflection. Do it right, and your bathroom will have an entirely new appeal.

  1. Consider Bath Mats To Break Up The Monotony

Contemporary Bathroom

Apart from breaking the monotony of your tiled floors, you will find that indoor mats and rugs are comfier, especially on those cold mornings. Besides, with floor rugs, you don’t have to worry about sliding on slippery floors while showering.  If you already have a bath mat and it’s older like your towels, then you may want to consider replacing this as well.

  1. Under The Sink, Storage to Create More Room

Bathroom Storage

There is usually enough storage space under the sink with smaller bathroom spaces, which you can play around with by adding storage totes or smaller shelves. This will help you to de-clutter your counters and shower area.

  1. Wheeled Towel Stands

Wheeled Towel Stand

Push the limits of your imagination and consider a wheeled frame that can easily be moved about. This is a simple trick of storing extra towels without installing fixed towel rods in the walls. Simply introduce a short well-partitioned stand to handle extra towels. This will save on space and save you from the extra costs of new towel rods. Wheeled stands can also be moved about during cleaning.

  1. Frost Your Bathroom Windows With Contact Paper

Frosted Windows

As stated earlier, lighting is an important aspect of any bathroom design. You don’t want to totally cut off natural light with unnecessary curtains when you can consider frosted windows. Contact paper is an easy and affordable way to filter in enough light and keep your bathroom windows translucent.

  1. Curved Shower Rod

A curved shower rod improves your bathing experience by allowing some flexibility. You can easily change your shower outlook at a low cost and stretch it out to the desired angle.

  1. Motivational Quotes-Stenciled Curtains

Bathroom Curtains Design

Start your mornings with great inspirational quotes, which you can now add to your bathroom, either on your shower curtain or on the walls. Choose shower curtains that are colorfully stenciled with meaningful messages that can uplift your spirit every morning.


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