How to Achieve Big Remodeling Dreams on a Realistic Budget?


Amazing Remodeling Ideas

Do you have some big remodeling dreams about your home while having a small budget? Do not worry. If you can dream about something, you can achieve it.

You can get a new kitchen, a modern bathroom or a dream basement in your small budget. How? All you need is to choose your option thoughtfully.

Here we have compiled a list of few ingenious tips by top home renovation specialists regarding different aspects of home improvement for you. These smart tips will help you achieve your remodeling dreams in your realistic budget.

  1. Flooring


No doubt, hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring trends. However, it is also the most expensive. If you are dreaming about the hardwood floor but could not afford it, you can still get the same luxurious wood look at less expense by installing laminate flooring.

A laminate floor is cheap and easy to install. Moreover, it is also available in a grouted tile look in case if you are found of a traditional stone appearance.

  1. Kitchen

Kitchen Flooring Design

Like laminate flooring, the laminate countertop is also an inexpensive countertop option for your kitchen. It is available in a wide variety of designs to mimic the look of natural stone or other beautiful surfaces.

In the kitchen, you can further cut down expense by refinishing the old cabinets or other parts instead of replacing from scratch. Refinishing is a cost-effective measure while gives an entirely new look to space. You can also replace old hardware to update the look.

  1. Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Cabinets

Consider refinishing in place of replacement in the bathrooms also. You can repaint your cabinets or bathroom gadgets to get a whole new look if you do not want their old appearance. Refinishing is an economical way to get the desired new look without breaking the bank. As per the recommendations of bathroom experts, if you low on budget, use fiberglass units in the bathroom instead of ceramic tiles. It will not only save the cost of the material but also labor costs as the installation of fiberglass are very easy.

  1. Color Choices

Neutral Colors Kitchen Cabinets

While choosing your appliances, cabinets, and other accessories, select neutral colors such as white or almond, etc. it is a simple trick as neutral colors are less expensive than custom colors. Moreover, neutral colors never go out of trend and add worth to the home.

Use pre-finish trims for your home. Pre-finish means a contractor does not need to paint or stain trims before use, which will save the extra cost.

  1. Plumbing


While there are several expensive faucets and other fixtures, chrome is still a popular and inexpensive choice. If you want to create a distinctive look, you can combine chrome with a different finish such as nickel and brass.  While choosing faucets, look for the faucet with a lifetime guarantee to save money later as well.

  1. Doors

Oak Palermo Glazed French Doors

Choose a pre-hung door while buying doors. Pre-hung doors are hinged and already installed into their frames, which will cut down your labor cost. You need to install these doors in the entry openings. Another tip to save on the door is to select hollow-core doors, which are way cheaper than the solid doors. However, hollow-core doors can only be used inside the house as they will not be secured as exterior doors.

Just because your budget is less, does not mean you should quit on your remodeling dreams. You can still get your dream home by planning carefully. Consider these inexpensive improvement tasks regarding every significant aspect of home improvement and update your home as per the latest trends without worrying about your budget.

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