How to Achieve the Industrial Look in Your Home


Industrial décor has been slowly but surely creeping into interior design, and many now cherish an urban, cool look in their living space.

Drawing inspiration from old warehouses and factories, the style is now synonymous with inner-city, bachelor pad living. But how can you introduce elements of the industrial look to your family home?

Stick With Monochrome

For a modern-day converted loft-type feel, stick with a monochrome palette incorporating whites, blacks, and some shades of grey. This monochrome look can sometimes feel quite cold, but it’s effortlessly cool.

Plus, the monotonous colour scheme will resemble warehouses and manufacturing elements; however will provide an urban, eclectic revitalization. Simple wrought iron canopy beds or minimalistic lighting scones are incredibly functional, yet both features look like a commercial setting.

Industrial Home

Make The Most Of Wood And Metal

Reclaimed wood and timber complimented with wrought iron and polished metals are the perfect combinations to create an industrial feel within your home. The juxtaposition of these elements provides a chic yet modern look while retaining a rustic and industrial appeal.

Pick up some weathered wood from your local DIY or hardware store and incorporate it into your design through the use of shelving or why not go all out and pick up a second-hand wooden table which shows signs of wear and tear to create a focal point in any dining room? Better yet, create one yourself and make a weekend job out of it!

Metals are also suitable materials to use as shelving, or if you can pick up some metal chairs, use these around the dining table to create the desired effect. Better still; see if you can pick up some metal chairs at a local thrift sale or car boot sale to complete the look.

Industrial Decor

Build Up With Bricks

Exposed brickwork is another key feature of an industrial-type space, and including exposed brickwork within your home will score you some massive style points.

If you’re lucky enough to uncover some brickwork behind a wall, then make the most of it and transform the space by creating a stylish feature wall. But even if not, bricks can be added, and you can create an eye-catching centerpiece by using them around a fireplace or as a kitchen backsplash.

Choose Furniture To Complement The Design

Now that you’ve got your industrial home well underway, you’ll need to pick out furniture to complement the design. Current contemporary pieces styled against older architectural furniture bring together the ideal mix of old and new.

Steel lampshades and industrial pendant fixtures are the ideal lighting solutions that can still illuminate a room effectively. At the same time, a gentleman’s club-type sofa, such as the iconic Chesterfield sofa, would look perfect in an industrial-style living room. The deep back metallic buttons illuminate the warehouse feel while the distressed and deep brown leather ensures the sofa looks aged and vintage.

Now it’s over to you! How do you get the industrial look in your home? We’d love to hear from you, so be sure to get in touch!

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