How To Achieve The Look Of Timeless Design


Timeless Home Decor

Embarking on a design project for your home, you have one thought in mind. You want to achieve a look that can withstand the passage of time and give pleasure and comfort to those who share the home with you as well as to those who come to visit. You want to create a design that doesn’t lose its appeal, a look that doesn’t look dated after a relatively short period. Nothing that will force you to update it constantly but something that will genuinely look timeless. How can that look be achieved?

  1. Stay Away From Fads Or Trendy Items

Be conscious of always selecting colors and styles that are defined as “classic.” Items that are meant to last. You may get inspiration from elements of Greek architecture. This means architectural moldings and strong columns. As far as materials, stick with natural resources and fibers such as brick, stone, wood, and combine them with fabrics such as linen or cotton. A timeless design is synonymous with a design that is defined as sophisticated while being quietly understated. A sense of balance and order should also prevail.

  1. Timeless Design Is Functional Design

Select furniture that will perfectly fit the area, those pieces that are perfectly scaled and proportioned to fit the room. Avoid furniture that looks lost within the space and items that are overly decorated or those that have busy patterns. If you fall in love with pieces because they seem energizing and fun, rest assured that they will not stand the test of time. Stay away from trendy colors or from those that are labeled “color of the year,” prefer those that are muted and classic, those that suggest quiet confidence when creating a space.

  1. Symmetry Works Best

Symmetry calms the human eye, which looks for balance everywhere. A symmetrical look means that both halves of the room are the same. This doesn’t mean that you must purchase two identical sofas, but that you should place similar end tables at each end. You can also place matching lamps on them. Let your eye tell you how much symmetry is enough; let your vision dictate where things should go.

  1. Establish A Focal Point

Symmetry is never at odds with a focal point in the room. Focal points are also pleasing to the eye. A focal point can be a fireplace that is in the middle of the wall that faces the sofa, or it may be a media unit with your favorite items on it. A wall with stunning windows may also serve as the focal point of the room. And if your room doesn’t have any of these elements, don’t worry. You can create one through a stunning sculpture or an interesting piece of artwork. Since, in this case, you are the one establishing the focal point in the room, work around it when placing the furniture. In any case, it’s important not to overdo it. A single focal point is all the room needs to achieve a timeless look.

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