How To Add Touches Of Art Deco To Your Interior


Everyone is going industrial these days. You see industrial color palettes, exposed brick walls, and even fully functional accessories and replica pieces in modern homes everywhere. The trend is interesting to follow, but it is indeed not the only one you can try.

If you are looking for an interior style that still emits a lot of the modern aura, adding touches of art deco to your space is the perfect solution. Geometric shapes, dull colors, and intriguing lines are how art deco shines. These tips will help you get started with incorporating art deco to your space right away.

Add Geometric Shapes As Show Stoppers

Add Geometric Shapes As Show Stoppers

Geometric shapes are perfect when combined with simple colors like black, white, silver, and copper. You can also go with gold if you want a flare of luxury in the space. The shapes can be added to multiple parts of the room, and adding them is easier than you think.

Creating a custom coffee table with sharp geometric lines is a good example. You can design your coffee table and have, JADE Engineering, a leading name in CNC production and welding, handle the output for you.

As for the colors, you can accentuate the geometric shapes using silver combined with black. A way to do this is by finishing the table legs in silver and then adding a black marble top to complete the look. The table will be even more perfect with accents like gold or silver lines on the tabletop.

Strips And Sunbursts

Art Deco Style Wood

Art deco is also a style known for its use of patterns and textures. As you browse through inspiration sources while trying to find ideas for your room, you will notice a lot of furniture and accessories have new textures and colors to them.

Adding animal prints to your living room or the bedroom is how you can incorporate this part of the style. Please make sure you adjust the colors around the prints or textures accordingly, since they will capture most of the attention.

Leaving wood texture visible is another excellent way to add that warm ambiance to a modern look. A cabinet that is stained rather than painted can be incredibly beautiful when paired with off-white walls and black accessories.

Use Mirrors To Your Advantage

Use Mirrors To Your Advantage

Mirrors are just as an essential part of the art deco look like the other elements we have covered in this article. Adding mirrors to the right areas can also help make your space appear more prominent. At the same time, you can create a modern atmosphere without taking the warmth out of a room using mirrors.

If you want to get that illusion of space, make sure you use one big mirror rather than several smaller pieces. It’s because you need to add accents – like bevel around the edges – to blend the mirrors with the rest of the room, and small beveled mirrors are not suitable for creating the illusion.

These are just some of the tips you can use out of the box. The decorative art style is vast, and there are so many things to explore. Spend some time to find your unique ideas, and you’ll be able to design the perfect room using this style.

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