How To Add Usable Square Footage In Your Home


Expand The Loft

There are many reasons why you may want to consider adding living space to your home. A growing family, or the need to add an extra room for rental income, or the requirement for a home office may egg you on for creating extra space in your home.

These are just some of the reasons that one may think of. One main benefit of adding more living space is that it eliminates the need to relocate to a bigger home. It’s also cost-effective in the long run as you’ll spend less on renovations than on renting.

Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to expand and add usable square footage to your home.

  1. Bumping Out The Kitchen

One way to achieve extra living space in your home is to bump out the kitchen. This can be done by tearing down one exterior wall, adding more floor space, and then rebuilding the wall.

The benefit of bumping out the kitchen is that it offers more space for appliances. Moreover, it can create room for a dining table.

Furthermore, bumping out the kitchen is a cost-effective way of adding square footage to your home.

  1. Expand The Garage

The garage offers a great opportunity to add square footage to your living space. You can decide to expand your garage from a single car to a 2 or 3 car garage. Note that while you do so, you’ll also need to ensure that the floor matches the rest of the garage.

You may be wondering why you need to expand your garage, especially if you don’t have as many vehicles. First off, you’ll have an extra room that you can convert into storage space. Secondly, you’ll have more room above the garage which you can utilize for a home office or another bedroom.

  1. Add A Sunroom

If you want to make your home comfortable and a place for leisure, then you may want to consider adding a sunroom. This structure is added either on the back of the house or its side. It involves placing wood pillars and installing large glass panels.

You may also want to include sliding doors or a skylight. The options are many, and you’re free to choose what suits you the most.

A sunroom is a great place to relax. It can even be your recluse. You can enjoy the outdoors, no matter how the weather is. Whether it’s in the middle of summer or the dead of winter, you can sit out in the sunroom and enjoy the changing seasons. Just make sure to have a heater ready in case the temperature drops too low.

Window Repairs

  1. Build A Roof Dormer

Another great option when you’re looking to add square footage in your home is to build a roof dormer. Due to varying roofing styles, constructing a dormer can be quite challenging. That said, you can hire an architect and a builder who will help you frame the dormer and build the ideal roof dormer for you.

One advantage of such a structure is that it can come with larger windows allowing more light to get into the top floors. Furthermore, you can convert the dormer into a small bedroom.

  1. Create A Porch

Like a sunroom, a porch offers a perfect place to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and nature. When deciding to construct a half, make sure you understand the elements. It’ll also offer a great place to entertain guests and hold parties when the weather is suitable.

  1. Make Use Of The Attic

A cool way to gain extra footage in your home is to utilize the attic. It can be converted into a loft or even a kid’s bedroom. If you’ve got an expanding family, this is a great way to gain extra space.

Note, however, that the structures in the attic should be strong enough to support the additional weight.

Hire professionals such as Watara Homes as they’ll inspect the attic and advise accordingly. If they are confident about the stability of the attic, then you can go ahead and make the most of the attic.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of opportunities inside your home to add square footage and create additional living space. You can choose to expand your kitchen for creating a dining area or revamp your attic, allowing it to be your extra bedroom. You can also expand the garage to create more room above it. When it comes to adding additional space, you are limited only by your imagination. Follow the tips mentioned above to add usable square footage to your home.

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