How to Avoid Getting in Hot Water With Your Hot Water System


If you’re a homeowner, then you’ll know how important a good hot water system is in your house. After all, no one wants to take a cold shower at 6 am in morning. So if you’re looking at installing a new hot water system, this is the article for you. Experts that specialize in hot water service in Melbourne have kindly shared some of their expert tips and all that you need to know when it comes to choosing an energy-efficient hot water system and how to reduce on daily costs of running it. So grab a cuppa and read on to find out more.

How Do I Choose The Best System?

Hot Water Tank and Filtration System

Of course, this is the first question that pops into anyone’s mind…how do you choose the best system for your home? One of the first things you can look into is the star rating before taking the plunge and purchasing any hot water systems, as this will give you an estimate of the operating costs of the unit.

What Are The Options Available?

Solar Powered Hot Water System

The first option available to you is a solar-powered hot water system. While this is the most expensive in terms of upfront costs, it is the far cheapest to run in the long haul as it uses the sunshine to heat water for your household use. In addition, solar-powered evacuated tube systems provide excellent performance in overcast conditions and can also be used in subzero temperatures, so you’ll never have to worry on those icy winter nights.

If solar isn’t for you, you can also look into a gas system if your home is already connected to gas. Other options are a heat pump, which is an excellent alternative to an electric element system and only utilizes one-third the amount of electricity, which will save you heaps of money. The last option is a standard electric storage-based hot water system, which is also the least energy-efficient way to heat water.

Whatever system you choose, it is always advised to do a little research and see what suits your needs and budget the best to avoid any headaches in the future.

How Can I Reduce Hot Water Usage?

Water Efficient Shower Head

Most of us would find that the biggest need for hot water in the household is for showers. Showers account for about 75% or more of the total hot water usage in most homes. Not surprising! This is where a water-efficient showerhead comes into play. Since many of us will struggle giving up the hot showers, a shower head that is water efficient can aid in saving some money by restricting the amount of water that comes through while still providing you with a satisfying shower.

You can also reduce hot water usage in other home areas, such as the washing machine. Instead of hot cycles, opt for washing your clothes in a cold cycle if possible. This will further assist in reducing your overall hot water usage, saving you some precious pennies on each bill.

Insulate Pipes and Storage Tanks

Insulate Pipes and Storage Tanks

It is essential that you limit the heat loss to your water by insulating your tank and all your hot water pipes. You can also choose to insulate your temperature valve. This will help you conserve heat while at the same time allowing you to lower your water temperature setting, saving you more on the monthly bills.

Set The Right Temperature

Right Temperature

Lastly, setting the right temperature in your hot water system can mean the difference in hundreds of dollars being saved each year. For storage tanks, get an electrician to set your tank to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius instead of 70-80. This is an easy way to reduce overall running costs.

Hot Water System

We hope that these tips have equipped you with some new knowledge on how you can choose the best hot water system for your home and reduce your overall costs when it comes to the monthly hot water bills.

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