How To Avoid Scam Locksmith Service Providers?


When you need help with crucial entry or locks, you would like to check the local locksmith listings on the internet. Continuously is not always very useful, as many of these listings lead you to scam locksmith services which are only interested in making a duplicate version of your keys. While calling, some others generally quote a low rate and direct the call to someone who is not at all a locksmith. The ‘professionals’ arrive to drill your lock, which is not a suitable method until necessary. So when you search secure locksmith services, you must follow some rules and do not believe in the online advertisements to hire these professionals. Always choose the certified locksmith services that have a good reputation in the market and check their license, insurance papers and other relevant documents as well as online customer reviews before hiring.

Tips to Avoid Scam Locksmith Service Providers:

Stay Away From Those Using ‘Paid Ads’

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Many scam lock-smiths spend a lot of money over online ads and dazzling websites to impress users and ensure that their business name comes up on the first three ads displayed on the Search Results Page. They use paid ads to captivate and hook customers. They have such a big budget as they hook customers with low pricing and then charge a lot more in the final bill. Lock-smiths who believe in good services and having an excellent reputation never have to use paid online ads.

Avoid Bait-And-Switch Lock-Smiths

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Scammer lock-smiths have hidden charges that they add to the final bill. Once they complete the service, they charge ten times more than the initial price. Thus, while talking to a locksmith, ensure that he communicates the cost estimates to you correctly – and possibly in a written form.

A locksmith offering legitimate services will offer honest responses to all your queries. On the other hand, a scammer will try to dodge queries and constantly strive to begin with his ‘work.’ You should also ask the locksmith about whether anything extra will be charged for mileage, emergency hours or service call minimums. Scammers also commonly accept cash payments to dodge being tracked by credit card companies. You can ask them about their payment modes, and they must accept all type of payment transactions including credit cards, debit cards, and cash payment.

Look At Their Vehicles And Hire They Local Locksmith Service

Choosing the Right Commercial Locksmith Can help for multiple Benefits
Beware of those who turn up at your place in unmarked vehicles. Unreliable or scammer lock-smiths usually show up in cars without:

  • Business name
  • Business logo
  • Business phone / mobile no
  • Business address

These people take calls from international call centers but send local agents who often end up causing severe damage to your windows, locks, and doors. It is better to work with a local locksmith that sends expert technicians with proper uniforms, gears, and adequately marked vehicles. These contractors offer better service and are also accountable for any mishaps during work.

Avoid ‘Drillers’

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Another common practice for scammer locksmiths is to drill an entire lock without repairing or replacing it, as they lack the tools, knowledge, and expertise to do so. Drilling is necessary only in a few cases, such as when there is the need to open up commercial or high-security locks. A drilled lock is likely to be replaced with a cheap lock, although you will be charged a much higher cost. If a locksmith takes a look at your lock or works on it for only a few minutes, before declaring the need to drill it, do not let him proceed further.

It is essential to ask some questions to your lock-smith personally as well as on the phone, to verify credibility. This will ensure the authenticity of your locksmith.

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  1. I would like to upgrade my home’s lock, and that is why I’ve decided to start looking for locksmith service. Well, you made a pretty good point that the chosen service must be experienced enough. It’s also a good thing that you clarified the importance of checking the service’s track record.


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