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Roofing Insurance

Some parts of the United States are more prone to conditions that can adversely affect the roof of buildings. Florida and several other states are very high up on this list.

Colorado does not come close to places like Florida in this regard. But even at that, it has its fair share of cases where roofs are affected because of bad weather conditions and other reasons.

The state even witnessed massive hailstorms that cost a lot a few years ago. To find out more about this occurrence, you can visit:

When cases like this occur, one part of the building’s exterior is mostly affected. Frankly, it is not hard to figure out that this part is the roof. If this part is damaged, there is utmost need for support from the insurance companies.

For one, this is because of how expensive fixing or even replacing this part of the exterior is. To get the insurance companies to do the needful in Colorado or even any other place, an insurance claim will have to be filed.

A lot depends on filing the claim properly, and so people need to understand this subject very well. To this end, this article will shed some light on how to go about this process. We strongly recommend that you keep reading as this subject is very important for homeowners in Colorado and everywhere else.

  1. Make Sure Your Insurance Plan Ticks All The Right Boxes

Roofing Contractor

Insurance is important, and this is why everyone needs to get insured. It is your security at certain times when you could be financially vulnerable. This is why you need to do all you can to be insured.

But in addition to this, you also need to get the right insurance coverage. Sadly, this is where many people miss it, and this defeats the purpose of getting insured in the first place. This is because your coverage is supposed to come through for you when the need arises.

That time when your roof gets badly damaged and needs to be fixed or replaced is an example. To ensure that you have the right insurance coverage for such times, here are some things to take note of:

  1. Read And Understand The Insurance Policy

The policy includes the terms and conditions binding on you as an insured party. It is an important document, and you need to read and understand it before agreeing to it. The truth is that this could make so much difference as you may find out certain things that do not sit well with you.

For example, some policies indicate that the coverage will not apply when the problem is caused by wind or hail. This sort of policy is not what you need from all indications. So, you should fish out terms like these that are not in your best interest.

You should only consent to policies that are in your best interest. This is so that you would not be legally stranded when the insurer is indeed needed.

  1. Know The Different Options And What They Entail

You need to be aware of certain things about insurance to get the right coverage. Against this backdrop, the difference between ACV and Replacement Cost Coverage should be known. This is because understanding the difference will clarify a lot of gray areas and ensure the right policy is chosen.

ACV stands for Actual Cash Value coverage. With this kind of coverage, the insurer pays for the replacement or repairs based on the age and condition of the roof before the damage happens. This informs how much the insurer would pay. This is aside from the deductible that will be subtracted before the insurer gets involved.

On the contrary, Replacement Cost Coverage is the kind where the insurer completely foots the bill for replacement or repairs. This is excluding the deductible.

The latter sounds more reasonable, but you should know that more is paid in premiums. Also, the deductibles on the part of the insured party are usually a lot more compared to ACV coverage.

  1. Parties Involved In The Roofing Insurance Process

Various parties are involved in the insurance claims process, and that includes you as the affected person. But other than you, some other parties involved are:

  • The Roofing Service Provider

Anyone that has insurance coverage for damages such as this is not supposed to contact the insurance company right away. The best thing to do is to reach out to a good roofing contracting service that specializes in repairing or replacing roofs (as the case may be).

It is highly recommended that a locally based but trustworthy and capable company is contacted. You should stay away from those acclaimed professionals that show up at your place claiming to be the best at handling projects such as this.

You need to be very certain that you are dealing with the right hands and minds. This is because of how severe the situation can get if the wrong company handles the project. So, play by the rules by engaging only the right service provider that specializes in this line of work.

Dealing first and foremost with the roofing contractor will help you understand the extent of the damage. As a result, you would be in a better position to know how much should be filed in insurance claims.

Mind you, the reason for reaching out to this service provider at this time is to determine how involved the insurance company should be. It is not to get them to carry out the repairs or replacement project right away.

This point has to be taken seriously because it is one of the causes of disagreements between insurance clients and their insurers. The insurance company needs to find out how bad things are and see how financially involved they are to get. This would only happen if they had someone come over to see things in person.

  • Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster is a professional sent over by the insurance company to ascertain things for them. It is the report of this professional that would determine how involved the insurance company will get.

This is why you need to be very detailed in your interaction with this professional. This is so that no stone is left untouched in getting the deserved amount of coverage for the replacement or repair of your damaged roof.

One of the things that we have also noticed is that many insurance clients tend to get hostile towards insurance adjusters. This is strongly discouraged as it is likely to only complicate things. So, be as welcoming as possible toward this important professional even when you do not agree with their estimation.

Dialogue and facts are keys to successfully interacting with this professional. So, you should deal with them bearing this important piece of information in mind.

  1. Steps Required In Filing And Getting Insurance Claims

The steps required in successfully filing and getting insurance claims from insurers to include the following:

  • Inspection By The Roofing Company

As mentioned above, the roofing company needs to be called upon first to estimate the cost of fixing the damage to the roof or replacing it. The estimate by the roofing company will play an important role when dealing with the insurance company.

The reason is that the adjuster that will be sent over by the insurance company will use this as a blueprint. For this reason, no stone should be left untouched in critically but transparently evaluating the damage.

What many people have come to realize is that some companies are better at this estimation task than others. You should stay away from those that would bring up hidden charges afterward, as this would not help you in any way.

All of these point to the fact that the right company has to be hired for this purpose. You can see Gus Roofing Greeley be better informed about this.

  • Contact The Insurance Company

Time is of the essence, and this is why the first step should be done quickly but very well. Once again, this emphasizes the need to work with the best kind of roofing company.

Afterward, you should contact your insurance company to bring them up to speed on the state of things. This is simply what filing a claim is about.

To do this, you are better off reaching out to your local insurance agent. This is even though you can go directly. We advise going through your local insurance agent as the professional will help you file your claim.

One of the important things that you would get during the process is a claim number. So that you know, this is a very important number as you would use it throughout the process.

Some questions are likely asked by your insurer when the claim is filed. One of the very common questions centers on when the damage occurred. You need to answer as wisely as possible to avoid complications. You should also be integrity-driven when answering these questions.

  • The Job Of The Insurance Adjuster

The insurance company is supposed to officially confirm that what is filed represents the true nature of the damage experienced. Other than this, they need to be sure that their coverage extends to the nature of the damage experienced.

This is why the company sends someone known as an adjuster over to take a good look at things. This professional is trained to evaluate damages. This is why the professional might not agree with all that the roofing company has evaluated.

  • Receive Partial/Full Support From Your Insurance Company

After the assessment of the adjuster, as explained above, the insurer performs the expected act of coverage. This is by extending a check to the client that has filed the insurance claim. The check might be the first or only check that would come from the company and that depends on the policy type.

It would be a first as another one would come down the line if the policy is hinged on the Replacement Cost Coverage. However, it would be one check issued if it is hinged on the ACV kind of policy agreement.

The check is supposed to be run through your mortgage company if you do not have full equity on the property. This is so that they are brought up to speed with the condition of things and do not interrupt the repair or replacement project.

For those asking why those that work with a Replacement Cost policy do not get the entire coverage in their first check, this is so that the coverage will be used for the sole purpose. This is because the other and final check is given after the project is completed.

  1. Some Things To Avoid During The Insurance Claim Filing Process

Some people make certain mistakes in Colorado when filing this claim. You should not make the same mistake, and these include:

  • Starting The Repairs Without Consulting Your Insurance Company

You should not do this because the company needs to be certain of the extent of the damage and if they are even in a position to offer coverage. They can only ascertain this by seeing things themselves through the eye of the insurance adjuster.

  • Allowing Your Roofing Company To Handle The Filing Of Claims

Legally speaking, in the state of Colorado, these professionals are not in a position to do this. This is even though some of them go about advertising their ability to do this. You should take care of this yourself by reaching out to your local insurance agent to handle this.


The processes involved in filing the claim, getting the needed coverage, and seeing the project executed takes quite a lot. This is why you need to make it count by dealing with the right roofing contracting company.

One of the things that the company must offer you is a service warranty. To better understand how important this is, you can check here.

And just as mentioned in the article, roofers in Colorado are not in a legal and technical position to file claims. So, you should contact your local insurance agent for this purpose instead.

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