How To Build Kids Chair For Beginners?


Wooden Kids Chairs

Want to build your kid’s chair on your own? But are you finding difficulties making a chair for your little one? You are not alone. Many people want to build chairs for their kids at home. They want to save money and at the same time, utilize their old wood pallets as well. It is not as hard as you may be thinking.

If you can use your hammer, miter saw, or hand saw, wood glue, and so many other related things, you will end up making a cute kid’s chair for your beloved one at home. All you need to invest here is time. You can read this review article for better understanding and learning how to decorate your kid’s room with different adorable things.

As you are here to learn the method of making a chair for your kid, I will take you through the exact process that I apply to make my own. You need a few straight forward steps to accomplish the entire task.

The process or steps I am going to share with you include cutting wood, assemble the legs, join the top sitting area, join the sides, install the legs, install the back bit and painting.

If you have all the necessary arrangements, you can speed up your entire method.

You Will Need The Following Things:

  1. Pallet wood
  2. Gloves
  3. Hand Saw or Miter Saw
  4. A Hammer
  5. Measuring scale and tape
  6. Nails
  7. Hot glue and
  8. Spray Paint as you like.

Great! As you have arranged all the essential things, you can move on to the next step.

  1. Dismantling The Pallets

Pallets are an essential thing to make a chair. First of all, you have to dismantle the pallets and remove the nails from them. You can use two hammers to dismantle the pallets. You can adapt to another way to do the same thing.

Now, you have the pallets you need to start the process of making a chair for your little one.

  1. Cutting Wood Pallets

Before cutting the pallets with your hand saw or miter saw, you have to find the right measurement. In this case, the measure should not be the same as others. You may want to make the chair a bit higher than that of others. So, use your measuring scale and tape to measure correctly. Otherwise, the chair you are going to build will not be stable.

One hour may be enough for you to cut and arrange all the pallets in your desired sizes. All the woods you need to make the chair should be ready to use, including sitting area, legs of the chair, backbit, and the support woods.

  1. Making The Chair

If you solely follow my methods, you should start with assembling the legs first. Because it is the first assembly I had done. When you finish making the legs of the chair, it is time for you to move on to the next assembly. And the next assembly will be the sitting area.

Back bit should now come into the play. Assembling backbit, attach it to the sitting area at the back.

  1. Nailing All The Parts

You have your hammer in your hand and nails packet. Start inserting nails at the perfect hole you made with your hammer. Make sure there is no extra edge of the nails left. If there is any part of the nails outside the woods, it may harm your child.

  1. Sanding Perfectly

Your kid’s chair is almost ready to use. But don’t allow your baby to use it until you sand the chair carefully. Since you have made the chair with old pallets, there must have some uneven surface of them. You need to sand it carefully to make an even surface for your child to sit on.

Otherwise, an uneven area may harm your little one while using, especially sitting on and leaving the chair. Moreover, your baby will enjoy using the chair if it is smooth.

  1. Paint With Your Desired Color

Giving a fun color to the chair is a must. If you think that you are done and your baby will start using the chair, you are still in the dark. Don’t forget that kids like fun colors. You can paint the chair with two or three colors you choose. Or, you can incorporate your kid’s choice. Bring him or her to the shop from where you will buy color, allow him or her to select and buy them.

But make sure you use the wood primer before painting. Applying two coats should be wise as these are old pallets. Now, let the chair dry for a few hours before using it.

  1. Using Hot Glue

In this step, there are two options for you opened. To save your floor from scratching, you can either use hot glue under each leg or make rubber caps for them. Otherwise, you will end up scratching your floor, which you never want.

Final Thought

Don’t you feel the excitement of accomplishing the chair for your kid? You should, because after completing every mission, something is fascinating and enjoying. You will be happier when you see your little one is using it and becomes a great fan of the chair you build.


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