How To Buy A Better Mattress: The Super Tips


Buying a new mattress should be a shopping spree like any other. For you to get a good mattress bed, you will be required to put in some thought and dedicate some time to preparing for this important purchase. Remember that the best memory foam mattress is intended to serve you for years. For that reason, you will need to set aside a good sum of money for you to take home something that is of good quality. For mattresses, the more it costs, the better the quality. Alternatively, consider getting a mattress topper as a cheaper alternative to a new mattress. It is not the time to unleash your stingy ways: unless you are ready to come back to the store in less than six months to get another replacement.

Since you are dedicating a significant amount of your hard earned money to purchasing a mattress, you might not want to go wrong. The following are factors to consider while buying a mattress.

  1. Know Your Size

Better Mattress

You do not have to get stuck with the same mattress size that you purchased a decade ago. Your lifestyle is changing and, you are probably thinking of getting a bigger bed. Maybe your kids have grown an inch taller: it would not be fair making them sleep on the same mattress size they used to when they were toddlers. Put adequate thought on the size of the mattress you need.

  1. Does Not Hurt To Try It Out

No one will judge you for lying on the mattress at the store and put it to the test: it is your paycheck you are talking about here. Try out all your favorite sleeping positions and have a feel of the mattress before you take it home. You can even get extra and sit at the edge of the bed to test it if you usually use it for reading purposes too. You need to be sure that the mattress meets your comfort and support needs.

  1. How Firm Is The Mattress?

Firm Mattress

Different manufacturers have different degrees of mattress firmness. More so, you have your own set of preferences on how firm you like your mattress to be. It takes you back to trying the mattress before you buy it. You cannot afford to make assumptions on how firm the mattress should be. Some people will prefer a really firm one to a soft mattress. Be sure to pick a mattress with the firmness that will not make you compromise your comfort.

  1. Does The Seller Have Returns And Trial Policies?

Comfortable Mattress

It is advisable to ask whether returns and trials are available. Note that a five-minute test at the store may not give you a complete feel on how comfortable the mattress is: which is why you need to try it the entire night. Most of the mattress dealers have a comfort trial policy in place for you. For most of the dealers, the period lasts up to 30 days: after which the customer is allowed to return if it does not live up to their expectations. If you are buying a mattress online, it is essential that you get one from a dealer that has a trial. Also, note that some dealers charge a restocking fee, so it would be wise if you made an inquiry on the same before you take a mattress home.

  1. Know Your Preferences

Good Mattress

There are various options for mattresses: that is, in light of the materials used to make them. You will find that there are adjustable air mattresses, memory foam, hybrid and innerspring to mention a few. The different mattresses are of different qualities and come with different price tags too. Do some research on comfortable mattresses to get and set aside funds for that. Being equipped in such a way will help you get the best deal for a good mattress.

  1. Pillowtop

Pillow Top Mattress

Some people will prefer pillow top mattresses, but it is not compulsory. Well, it comes with extra comfort, but it is good to note that comfort comes at an additional cost too. You might consider buying a pillow top mattress for that extra luxury feeling.

If you put the tips into consideration when purchasing a mattress, you will never go wrong!

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