How to Buy Couch or Sofa for Living Room


Couch for Traditional Living Room

Often, buying something as simple as a couch for a living room becomes difficult. They come in various sizes, shapes and colors. The fabric material also matters. Well, don’t just go for something that fits your budget and looks attractive at first. It might not really go well in your living room. Here are a few steps that can help you avoid choosing the wrong couch.

  • Decide What Type to Buy:

First of all, decide what type of sofa would go perfectly in your living room. As mentioned earlier, the variety is large. So choose carefully. Choose something that goes with the color and décor of your living room.

  • Check the Framework:

Sofa Framework

Check if the frame is made of wood, metal or plastic. Make sure it is strong enough and finely polished so it doesn’t develop cracks or chips easily.

  • Check the Filling:

Stuffed Couch in Traditional Living Room

The couch can be stuffed with Polyurethane foam or other high-density foams. The former is more common but the later is cost-effective. Make sure it doesn’t go flat soon or forms lumps.

  • Check the Springs:

Sofa Springs CheckpointsMost couches have springs, but some of them are just made of webbing or interlocked slings. Springs make the couch stronger and comfortable. There are two types of springs: sinuous or hand-tied. Sinuous springs are cheaper but they can easily damage the framework if they are. Hand-tied springs are more expensive but don’t sag or damage the framework.

  • Check the Fabric:

Linen Fabric Sofa

Don’t get carried away by how a couch looks. The strength of the fabric matters equally. Cotton and linen are reasonably priced and are easy to clean. Leather looks good with the luster and lasts a long time, but is extremely expensive. Silk gives the couch a smooth look but is very hard to care for. Chose the couch that is durable and worth the cost.

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