How to Buy Curtains/Drapes for Home


Curtain Design Idea

Curtain can change look of a room. It is not wrong to say that curtains make a room, if chosen correctly. There are many choices in the market from exotic expensive varieties to affordable durable types. Choosing curtains for your home sweet home is an important task which should be handled carefully. You don’t want to end up with something expensive but unsuitable or just the right material but it has fallen a few inches short of the desired length. Following are some handy tricks that you should use before heading out to the supermarket.

Decor with CurtainsTHE BEGINNINGS

The most important thing to consider before you make your purchase is what are you looking for? Always have a clear picture in your mind about the look you are trying achieve. If you want a sophisticated look with your curtains lying in the background, choose quiet colors and fabrics. Similarly if you are feeling adventurous bold colors and prints must be your choice.


It’s advisable to use measuring tape to measure the length of your new curtains. If you are going to hang your curtains from a pole then start your measure from the bottom of the ring attached to the pole. If you are using a track, then measure from where the track starts.

Curtains Design

Also you will need to decide what length your new curtains will be -floor length or sill length. Floor length curtains should just skim the floor while sill length should be a couple of inches longer than the sill.

Luxury Drape Curtain Design


Modern Living Room Curtain Design IdeaIf you have kids or pets in your house and plan on washing your curtains, always wash them before hemming to avoid shrinkage. Also ironing your new curtains after washing them is a good idea.


Fabric of your curtain determines how it will hold up in future. Heavy fabrics do not fold crisply. Sunlight causes fabrics to fade over the time hence if your room gets a lot of sunlight, avoid brightly colored fabrics as they tend to fade faster. Some fabrics block out cold. Velvet, suede and tweed work best for the same. For bright sunny rooms faux silk is the best choice as it is sturdier.



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