How To Check If Your Roof Needs Help: Look For Roofers In San Rafael!


Check If Your Roof Needs Help

Like any parts of the house, your roof will need repairs from time to time due to its exposure to heat and rain. With this, it is important that you have your reliable roofers in San Rafael who are going to take care of your roofing problems.

Being a homeowner, there will be instances where you will know if your roof will need to be replaced and as to the number of times that your roof is going to need replacing. So, if you are not so sure as to whether your roof will need replacement, here are some things that you may want to check out.

  1. The First Part Is To Do An Interior Roof Check

This is the first thing that you should do, and this is also the easiest way of assessing your roof’s condition. You can get a flashlight and then proceed to your attic. You should see to it that your flashlight has a bright beam so that you will not miss any damage and ensure that it is safe for you to perform these kinds of infections. Here are some signs that you are indeed going to need a new roof:

  • You Check If There Is Daylight Through The Roof Boards

Before turning on your flashlight, try to check if you can see any streams of light that may be coming out through the cracks or the holes that may be present in your roof. If you can see the light getting through, it can be assumed that water is also getting through your roof.

  • See If There Are Dark Streaks And Stains

This defect is also one of the easiest things that you can identify. If there are evident dark stains or streaks on the underside of the roof, or you can see it run down the walls starting from the base of your roof, then this means that your roof is likely leaking and the moisture that is created from the lean can cause damage not only to your roof but to your interiors as well. 

  1. Now Check Your Roof’s Exterior

If you have already thoroughly checked your roof’s interior, it is now that you check the other side of your roof – the exterior. The first step of checking your roof interior is essential because it lets you know the extent of the roof damage, which has already reached the roof’s interior.

Now, with the exterior roof check, this step is one where you can essentially save up money, and the reason is that this will be able to aid you in identifying preliminary roof damage before it even reaches the interior, which is a more serious level of roof damage.

It is a best practice to regularly check your exterior roof checked by professional roofers in San Rafael if you feel like you cannot do it on your own.

Here are some things that you may want to check on your exterior roof for you to know that you are indeed in need of a new roof:

  • You Can Also So Dark Streaks And Stains

You should also look for any noticeable dark streaks or dark stains like your interior roof because this will indicate your roof’s water damage.

  • Check For Leaks And Water Damage

So when you see leaks, dark stains, and sagging spots, these will tell that there is damage to your roof. If you can see this damage, you should not just ignore it because it will lead to a more serious damage level.

  • Check If There Is Rotting

This condition is common, especially if you have wooden and asphalt roofs. If your roof is using these types of materials, you should check if there are signs of rotting and decaying.

  • Check If There Are Presence Of Moss And Algae

Generally, the presence of algae and its build-up is not really a sign that you will need an immediate roof repair or replacement. This means that you may see these as eyesores, especially when you live in humid regions.

You can remove these by some weak hydrogen solution, peroxide mixed with water to burn away those persistent algae.

  • Check If There Are Decaying Shingles

Although rot is a normal occurrence when you have wooden or asphalt roofs, decay and cracking are common signs for shingle roofs. You should look for spots with missing shingles, including spots with shingles that have cracks, curls, or buckles.

  • See If There Are Shingle Granules In The Gutter

You can do this by looking for particles and pieces of your shingles in your gutter. If you see such, this could mean that your roof will be susceptible to greater water damage and, eventually, roof decay.

  • Check If You Have A Damaged Chimney Or Roof Flashing

Flashing is found around the base of your chimney. If it is made of roof cement and tar, then this means that your chimney is more susceptible to water damage. It is recommended that you consider replacing it with a material made out of metal.

  • Check The Roof Valley

This is the spot wherein the two parts of your roof meet. This area is one of the most common areas for damage because this is where snow and rainfall through.

  • Check If Your Roof Is More Than 20 Years Old

If you know that your roof is now more than 20 years old, then you should really consider replacing it already.

  • Check Of Your Roof Is A Product Of Shoddy Workmanship

More often than not, you yourself can always spot some shoddy workmanship. So, if you can see that your roof is covered with patches or tiles, and the shingles look that they fit awkwardly, this means that your roof is not really in great shape.

Moreover, if you can see that you have multiple layers on your roof while checking the exterior, then this means that the corners have been cut on the previous roof replacement.

To avoid suffering from all of these inconveniences, it is highly recommended that you contact the most reliable roofers in San Rafael today!

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