How to Check the Plumbing of a Home You Want to Rent or Buy


Choosing a new home or room to buy or rent is stressful. For this reason, people often end up not checking the plumbing, thinking that a beautiful bathroom or kitchen is enough. The plumbing needs to be checked for leaks, clogs, and a wide array of problems before you buy or rent the house or room. Plumbing problems not only deal with a significant amount of damage to the house; they also damage the health of the people living in it.

Given below are the tips for checking the plumbing of the place you would like to buy or rent:

Checks to do when Buying or Renting

Many of the items below shouldn’t put you off acquiring a property that you want. Instead, use them as a guide to knowing how much work you should carry out if you decide on to go ahead and acquire that property.

Also, if you find any of the issues given below in the property, then you should expect other parts of the house to have problems, too. Just make sure that the price of the property reflects the quality of both its exterior and interior.



Don’t be put off at the sight of ugly bathrooms. Remember that the owner’s taste is different from yours and that changing the way a bathroom looks requires only little from your pocket. What matters more is ensuring that its fixtures and pipes are in perfect condition.



  1. The first thing you need to do is to check the age of the boiler. Newer boiler models prove to be more efficient and are, therefore, cost-effective. If it has been installed recently, make sure to look for a certification from qualified installers.
  1. Does the boiler have a regular servicing contract? Find the date on the booklet or servicing sticker and check if the said date has not yet passed.
  1. It is also important that you check how the boiler appears. If it looks dusty or dirty, then it might not have been touched for a long time.
  1. You should also check the type of boiler used by those living in the property. Is it a back boiler, a hung wall boiler, or a condensing boiler?
  1. Does the boiler have a hot water cylinder? If it does, is it insulated or lagged properly?
  1. Make sure to check if there is rust or dripping on any connection.
  1. Lastly, check if the heating functions effectively. Ask to have the heating switched on when you start viewing the property. The radiator should be warm once you have gone through the different parts of the property.
  2. For boiler, information visit


  1. When checking the property’s radiators, make sure that they are warm from top to bottom. The radiators on the ground floor should also be warm.
  1. Does the house have cold patches?
  2. You should also check if there is rust or dampness on any part of the radiator and if the radiators have their thermostats. The latter allows you to change the temperatures in different rooms. You can have thermostat controls installed by a plumber or electrician if these are not available on the units.
  1. Patches of mould, when found, should be taken as a sign of something serious going on inside the radiator. When found, note them down, and (presuming you’re okay with this issue and other issues in that specific property and bought it for your family) have it sorted out by a skilled, licensed, and well-equipped plumber.
  1. Do the radiators have isolation valves? These are great aids when there is work that requires completing. These can also save you money and time, and for this reason, you might want to have them installed.

Water Tanks

If there are water tanks set up in the area (usually in the attic, loft, or another place that is difficult to access), check them for rust and leaks, too. If you find paint or plaster, expect problems hidden beneath them.

Drains, Smells, and Toilets

It was already mentioned that you should not judge the bathroom solely on how it looks like. Here are the things you should check in a bathroom instead:

  1. The first thing you need to check is its smell. Does the bathroom smell like a lot of air freshener was sprayed or placed? If so, consider this a sign of a problem.
  1. Next, try flushing the toilet. Check if the toilet mechanism is smooth: if its buttons, handles, or levers are working just fine. After trying the flush, watch the tank fill up. If you see the water continue to flow down the toilet, note it down and get this leak fixed upon purchase of the property. Upon seeing this sign, expect other parts of the bathroom to be poorly maintained.
  1. It is also essential to check outdoors for smells coming from drains. This is an indication of blockages or other problems. More information on how you can handle blocked and smelly drains can be read here:
  1. Have you checked the stopcock already? If you have not done so yet, ask where it is and switch it off and on. Make sure that it can be easily accessed and is working correctly.

Tips Exclusive to Those Renting Properties

Dr. Drip

Aside from all of the tips given above, you should also ask the property owner if you can arrange for the right plumber to check and repair the plumbing system of the house or room if something is broken. This allows repairs and assessments to be done quickly. It also allows you to choose who will come to fix the parts of the plumbing that have broken.

Lastly, ask if the property owner has an updated Safety Check Certificate that covers all gas appliances. This assures you that the place is safe plumbing-wise.


The steps to checking the plumbing of properties you want to buy or rent are so many that some actions might end up forgotten. To ensure that all of the above steps are met, hiring the services of a skilled and licensed plumber to assist you.

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