How To Choose A High-Quality Wood Furniture?


Furniture pieces made of wood are among the most stylish, appealing, and long-lasting additions that you can make for your home. You will most likely see these unique and well-crafted pieces from reliable Amish furniture providers. However, it is not a good idea to pick any wooden piece of furniture without carefully scrutinizing it.

Note that no matter how durable wood is, you still have to make sure that you are getting only the best. To increase your chances of buying high-quality, timeless, and durable wood furniture, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind once you begin shopping:

Research About Different Kinds Or Species Of Wood

Research About Different Kinds Or Species Of Wood

Furniture items made of solid wood are usually costlier compared to other pieces constructed out of other materials. Solid wood looks great, too. However, it is also prone to water rings and scratches, depending on what species or kind you picked. This is the primary reason why it is necessary to research its different types.

In most cases, wood furniture is categorized into three – veneer, composite wood or particleboard, and solid wood. Surface refers to that type of wood with an inexpensive wood base while also having a few thin layers of high-quality timber as covering. Due to the less expensive base or core of veneer, it is safe to assume that it is not as valuable compared to the ones made of solid wood.

The furniture pieces made of composite wood and particle board are constructed using combined materials – namely resin, plastics, and wood pulp. This cost of this type of timber is usually lower compared to other materials. Despite its low price, it still looks great while being capable of holding up for decades.

Spend Time Examining Cabinets And Drawers

Examining Cabinets And Drawers

If you intend to purchase cabinets and drawers made of wood material, then carefully examine each option. Open each cabinet and drawer, so you will know if they are indeed a good buy. For the drawers, ensure that you can pull them out. They should also be able to latch correctly while also shutting down evenly.

The doors of the cabinets and drawers should also open with ease, stay open rather than closing all of a sudden when you are grabbing something, then close without hassle. The knobs and handles should also be carefully scrutinized. Ensure that they fit tightly without turning or jiggling.

Scrutinize The Overall Construction

Scrutinize The Overall Construction

One way to determine whether a piece of furniture is high in quality is whether or not they undergo joint construction. This means that the wood is joined from all corners and ends, not just nailed or glued. It is because those pieces that follow the common construction principles are famous for being sturdier while also being capable of holding more weight. Avoid those held together using nails or staples as such indicates poor or shoddy construction.

To join the components of a piece of wooden furniture, you can use screws or wooden pegs. Some also say that the best joints are Dowels that refer to wooden pegs that are slotted in two holes that are in opposite directions, dovetail, and mortise-and-tenon. Make sure that each corner features a reinforcing block connected at an angle.

Check The Legs

Check The Legs

Another thing that you can do to ensure that you are getting high-quality wood furniture is to spend time examining the legs. Make sure that the legs of a specific item are heavy. It should also be made of wood and attached into a chair or sofa’s frame instead of nailing it.

If possible, stay away from those pieces with legs constructed from metal, rubber, or plastic as they do not look as great as other materials. The materials mentioned are also prone to tearing up your floors. These are incapable of holding up, too. If you wish to spend over a thousand dollars for a sofa, then find one that has a fifth leg and put it in the middle. The good thing about this leg is that it can offer additional support

Choose Solid Wood

Choose Solid Wood

If possible, look for furniture items constructed out of solid wood. A piece of furniture that is said to be built from solid wood means that it only has wood for its components. On the other hand, plywood contains a few layers of wood as well as glue or resin.

It would be best to pick solid wood because it is sturdier than other materials, although it is also a bit expensive. You can also easily differentiate solid wood and plywood. In case you can see the furniture’s unfinished edge, you can already tell if it is made using solid wood or plywood. Plywood also has more than one visible layers.

Look For Signs Of Quality

Signs Of Quality

There are several aspects of the wood furniture that will help you determine right away if its quality is top-notch. One sign or element is the finish. The wood furniture is high in class if its finish produces a uniform and beautiful color as it spreads evenly across the entire piece. If the finish does not look that way, then this is a sign that its quality is questionable.

Feel the wood for heft, too. You will know that wooden furniture is better in terms of quality if it is more substantial compared to a piece of almost the same construction. It is because the weight has a say on how good the quality of wooden furniture is. Apart from that, it is also advisable to check the joints and the overall stability of the furniture.


Shopping for high-quality wood furniture should not be too hard on your part with the help of the tips laid out in this article. By following the tips here, the process of selecting wood furniture of top-notch quality and durability will surely be smooth-sailing and hassle-free.

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