How To Choose A Mattress For Camping?


The success of each camping trip depends on two aspects. One is how much fun you’ve during the daytime, and another one is how better you sleep at night. Often, these two things are interrelated with each other. For any reason, if you don’t have a sound sleep at night, tell me how you would enjoy your very next day? So it’s needless to say, for the best experience of your camping, you’ll need a cosy and sound sleep at night.

Therefore you should have the right mattress for enjoying a comfortable and sound sleep. In addition, when you are making a camping plan, a mattress is one of the priority elements that you should consider at the beginning. Finding the ideal mattress for camping isn’t an easy task if you don’t have any previous experience with it. There are a lot of factors that will determine which mattress would be the right option for you.

Here in this article, you’ll find the ultimate guideline for selecting the best camping mattress with a detailed description of the critical factors. Hopefully, this article will be highly beneficial for you. So without further ado, let’s get started.

How To Choose A Mattress For Camping?

Sleeping Pads

No matter, wherever you’re staying at night, you need to make sure you have the right mattress to get sound sleep. That’s why when you’re on a camping trip, you have to carry the right mattress with you that can provide you with adequate support and necessary comfort.

Right below this section, we’re going to show you some important factors that you must keep in mind when going to select a camping mattress.

Types Of Camping Mattress

Before selecting your camping mattress, you must learn the type of mattress available in the market. It’s one of the most important consideration factors and will help you to select the most suitable one for you.

For example, if you have back pain and select a random mattress for camping without any consideration, you won’t get your necessary comfort for sound sleep. Therefore you have to learn about the available options, and that’ll help you select the camping mattress for bad back if you have back pains. Types of mattresses are given below:

Close Foam Camping Mattress

Camping Mattress Roll

The close foam mattress is the most common camping mattress. It’s highly popular among the campers because of its super lightweights and cheapest price tag. People can easily carry it, which is crucial when camping, and the budget-friendly price is another important aspect. However, when it’s about comfort, it’s a little bit less comfortable & very hard at the same time. But the interesting fact about this mattress is it offers perfect insulation.

Air Camping Mattress

Camping Blow Up Mattress

Air camping mattress is the most comfortable one compared to other camping mattresses. Besides, it’s the expensive one as well due to its top-notch material and advanced technology. When you’re looking for a comfortable campaign mattress, this one is the best option. The best thing about this mattress is that you can take it in three different seasons for outdoor camping. By maintaining the best comfort at the same time, it’s a very lightweight and compact mattress. Air mattress has some insulation options as well. The only downside of this mattress is it’s costly, and sometimes moisture gets stuck inside it.

Self-inflating Camping Mattress

Self Inflating Camping Mattress

A self-inflating camping mattress comes with a very strong fabric, and it has the highest insulation system compared to other camping mattresses. This type of mattress is very easy to set up and lasts for a long time. It’s a little bit more expensive than a closed foam mattress and less than air mattresses. It’s made with a combination of open-cell foam and air. The only downside of a self-inflating camping mattress is quite heavier.

Pros And Cons

Let’s check the pros and cons of these three camping mattresses to get a quick assumption.

Close Foam Mattress


  • Very lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Double layer sitting pads
  • It offers a very good insulation


  • Not so much comfortable
  • Very stiff and firm
  • A little bulky

Air Mattress


  • Highly comfortable
  • Very lightweight
  • Compact shape
  • Has insulation options


  • Very expensive
  • Moisture stuck inside the mattress (when inflated through the mouth)

Self-Inflating Mattress


  • Comfortable
  • Excellent insulation System
  • Strong fabric
  • Very durable


  • Heavier
  • More expensive than a close foam mattress

Things That You Shouldn’t Skip While Selecting your Camping Mattress


Sleeping Pads R-Value

It doesn’t matter what type of mattress you’re going to purchase; you can’t select the right one without considering the R-value of the mattress. R-value refers to the ability of your camping mattress to withstand the heat flow. Mattresses that have higher R-Value can provide more insulation during cold. Another thing you should always remember is that sleeping on the ground will lose a significant amount of heat. The manufacturer of the mattress provides the r-value data to give you the insulation idea.


The size of the mattress is a very important factor if you don’t want to carry a larger mattress than your need or below your requirement. Different brands offer different wide, length, weight mattresses. You can easily determine the size of your mattress at your home. To determine the right size of your camping mattress, set your camping tent at your home and then note down the ground space inside the tent. Now get your mattress according to that dimension.


Almost every high-quality mattress is comfortable and cosy. Among the camping mattresses, air-filled mattresses are softer and comfortable rather than self-inflating and foam-filled mattresses. We want to say: purchase a mattress that gives you ultimate comfort during your sleeping time.

Types Of Valves

When you go for a premium mattress, you’ll get premium service from it. However, you should go for a mattress according to your budget. Always select a mattress with less inflation and deflation time, and it depends on the valve of the mattress. For example, a mattress that has dual valves allows you to quickly set up and pack up.


After a whole day hiking, we don’t think you’ll have enough energy to wrestle with your mattress pump. Therefore, you should go for a mattress that is easy to use.

Some Important Tips To Purchasing Your Camping Mattress

Camping Mattress

  • First, you need to determine the number of campers in the camping group. This will help you to understand whether you need to share your mattress with others or not. If you have to share your mattress you go for a bigger one that has wider space.
  • Camping mattresses are available with different price tags, so while you’re on the market, go for the mattress in your price range.
  • Some camping mattresses require pumps to use it. Hence, you need to consider the available pump option you have at your camping spot.
  • There are three types of camping mattresses available; you need to decide which one you need according to your comfort and budget.
  • You must consider the overall dimension and the size of the mattress to select the appropriate one for you. So please do some research on it before selecting one randomly.
  • Different people have different choices according to their sleeping style. So don’t go with the hype; know your sleeping pattern and go for that.


When you hear about a mattress, you might think that you know everything about it, like every night you sleep on it. But a camping mattress is completely different from what you use in your everyday life. Camping mattresses are for temporary use.

There are a lot of important factors that you must consider before purchasing one. Above in this article, we try our best to give you some basic knowledge about mattresses so that you can pick the right one for your next camping trip.

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