How To Choose A New Mattress For Your Home


Do you need a mattress?

What is the importance of a good mattress?

First, let’s see whether you need a mattress or not. You will know the answer to this question yourself. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you having trouble sleeping?
  • Are you waking up with pain?
  • Or do you don’t like your mattress because it’s old?

Ultimate Guide On Choosing A New Mattress

Well, then you surely need a mattress. But before we move on, let’s clarify one small thing. “Oldness” isn’t constant with the quality of the mattress or deterioration thereof. For example, the average lifespan of a latex mattress is more than 12 years, while that of a pillow-top is around 7 years. So assuming a test mattress loses its quality at 60% of its lifespan, the latex will be replaceable at around 7 years, while the pillow-top will require replacing at around 4 years.

For all those confused souls out there, here I give you the ultimate guide on choosing a new mattress!



Setting a budget range helps in a lot of ways. Historically, competition has slashed down the prices of mattresses while increasing the options and choices buyers had. Online, you can run quick price comparisons for more ease at sticking to your budget.

Don’t be sold to over-the-top promises. You will find a whopping amount of mattresses (especially in retail stores) with surprisingly less quality than cheaper mattresses. Seriously, you will be struck by the amount retail stores charge for what they give. Money doesn’t mean quality. When setting your budget, this should give you some rest.

Preferences Or Requirements

Do you prefer or need a mattress of a particular type, size, or material? Well, then that must be taken into consideration when you’re purchasing one. As for type and material, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Hybrid mattresses are good overall. They provide decent support and comfort and don’t lag in the bounce either. They usually include latex.
  • Latex mattresses are for cooling and comfort over everything else. People who buy latex mattresses usually prefer the cooling they provide. Bounce is good, but not too much.
  • Memory foam is for those who love hugs. Memory foams are for sleepers who prefer body shaping and contouring. Memory foams have traditionally been hot, but the more advanced memory foam mattresses are cooler. There are tons of options to choose from. Memory foam mattresses are also good for pressure relief.
  • Coil mattresses have coils (inner springs) in both the top layer and the support base. They are good for a bounce. Coil mattresses have always been loved and widely used for the great bounce and comfort they provide. Cooling is also good. The coil mattresses typically have strong edge support.
  • Portable folding mattresses are great ideas for renting, on the go, or camping lovers. This is because they can be folded to reduce sizes for easy carrying wherever you want to. A portable folding mattress usually comes with a bag with a handle for storage and mobility.
  • Pillow-top mattresses are a combination of any other mattress and a super-soft top layer added on it. Sleepers who prefer extra softness on the surface should go with pillow-top mattresses. However, although they are soft, they can wear down faster than other kinds of mattresses.
  • Adjustable base mattresses are again a combination of any other mattress set up on an adjustable base. The base is usually two or three layers deep. This is for people with medical conditions or old age that require sleeping on beds with elevated feet and inclined back. Sometimes, people also go for adjustable bases for their mattresses to stop or reduce snoring. A lot of people suffer from chronic lower back pain or feet-related pain. They also can go for adjustable bases. Some advanced adjustable bases also have the ability to vibrate and heat the body while you sleep.

Sleep Test

Sleep Test

Always go through a long sleep test. Don’t fall asleep, however. 15 minutes or less will do. Next, test the mattress in the position you sleep in. This is very, very important. You will thank us later when you have purchases the right mattress for you. If you do a very small test, like just pressing the mattress a few times or sitting on it (or worst, not testing at all) – you will end up with a mattress that you might not like very soon.

Always be fearless about this.


Mattress and Pillows

How soft do you want your mattress to be? Too soft? Moderate? Not very soft? There’s no absolute definition for softness. Everybody has a different idea for what’s soft. Further, everyone feels differently about how much bounce and softness is necessary for a good sleep.

To make things even more complicated, people’s sleeping patterns, body weight, body shape, etc., also influence firmness. So this is one field where you won’t be finding any absolute recommendation. It depends on your tastes.

Other General Things


Finally, let’s go over some finer details.

  • Check your mattress for flipping: Maximizing the lifespan of your mattress is indeed one of your priorities when you are buying a mattress. And for that reason, flipping is extremely important. But if you go with a mattress that can’t be flipped (which cannot be rearranged, for example, a fixed pillow top mattress where you can take out the soft top part and put it on the other end), you lose this chance.
  • Check your mattress for circulation ease: Air circulation is important. Thoroughly check the mattress for anything that might be problematic, like a barrier between the layers. Also, don’t use plastic sheets on your mattress once you purchase. They will block air circulation.
  • Smell and airing: When you buy your new mattress, there will be a foamy aroma. You will need to do some airing for about a couple of hours or more. Just keep the mattress out without anything on it. Also, do constantly airing on a monthly or twice a month basis.
  • Go for mattress protectors: There are many mattress accessories that you can buy as add-ons. But beware, the total cost will add up very quickly. So instead, you can get breathable and waterproof materials that function as mattress protectors. Protectors keep your mattresses clean as well.

See if you need toppings: Sometimes, it’s better to buy a mattress that came cheap but didn’t have that great support. Then, you can later add toppings to it to give it more support.

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