How To Choose A New Window Treatment For Your RV


RV Window Treatments

Window treatments can accomplish a practical necessity and add elegance to a room. Whether it’s your recreational vehicle [RV] or your house, window treatments such as shades, blinds, curtains, etc., can improve privacy, as well as block the light if you don’t want it.

When it comes to your RV’s windows, there are other things you must consider which may not be an issue with your home or office windows. If you are looking for a way to spruce up your RV’s window treatment in time for your next trip, then you can check out RV Zebra Shades for quality RV window coverings.

Here’s an ultimate guide to help you choose a new window treatment for your RV window.

  1. Make Sure You Have The Right Measurement

It is essential to get the right measurement if you want the window treatments to fit correctly. If you are opting for curtains rather than blinds or shades, then you will keep in mind the additional length and width that you may need to obtain an excellent look. When it comes to shades and blinds, there’s little room left for error or estimation since they are intended to provide a more exact fit to your windows. So you must take your window’s measurements and don’t just assume that everything is a uniform size.

  1. Use The Correct Hardware

Your RV’s drapery hardware should be compatible with the size of your space and the type of window covering you are using. If you want to replace anything, parts like drapery hooks, sliding eyes, glide tape, etc., are readily available.

  1. Prioritize Privacy, Light, And Movement

Now that you have taken accurate measurements of your RV’s window and you have taken care of the hardware, the next thing is to think about movement, light, and privacy issues. Movement is an important aspect that you must consider when it comes to your RV because your RV is not stationary like your house.

If you are using curtains, then you’ll first look for tiebacks. The tiebacks prevent the curtains from moving around, and they also help to keep them open as you drive. If you have installed blinds, they may tend to rattle due to vibration when you hit the road. This is why you may look for a blind quieter, which helps to distract background noise at the minimum level as possible.

Since you will be camping with people at different campgrounds, it’s crucial to maintain a high level of privacy. You can use a windshield cover on the exterior of the RV to handle both privacy and light. The windshield covers also keep the light out and prevent people from seeing inside your RV once you have parked it.

  1. Maintenance

When it comes to choosing a window treatment for your RV, don’t just focus on the appearance alone. If the window covering requires a high level of maintenance, then it won’t matter to you how well they operate. Different window treatments require different care. For instance, curtains require frequent washing using hand wash or machine.

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  1. My uncle got himself a new RV, and he’s looking for a way to prevent the sun from heating the driver’s seat. I find it amazing that you can purchase window treatments for vehicles as well! I’ll be sure to recommend this to him so he’d consider using this as a guide for his windshield cover purchase.


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