How To Choose A Retractable Screen That Fits Your Home


Retractable Screen

When you plan to choose a retractable screen, you need to consider the size, color, shape, and fit of the screen and how easy it is to operate. The first step that you should do when buying this product is to determine its use. For example, if you want it installed on an exterior window, then it will need to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, heat, and humidity.

Exterior Window

This also applies if the screen would be placed indoors because factors such as air and water leakage and changes in humidity can affect the home. If you intend to use it for windows that open vertically, you need to ensure that they are not made of wood as the screen would put too much stress on them, and damage can occur very fast.

When choosing a retractable screen, not all screens are made the same. Most companies offer inferior and flimsy screens that are not durable, nor do they stand the test of time. Other companies offer screens that when you pull them back, they slam back into their case, making an irritating slam.

Bravo French door screens eliminate those problems. Bravo Screens slide quietly and smoothly. Our screens are engineered for longevity and resilience. Our retractable Bravo French door screens are a convenient and affordable choice for all your doors and windows.

Essential Features To Look For When Choosing A Retractable Screen

Window Installment

Not all retracting screens available in the market are similar. Therefore, you should look for the following features when choosing and customizing the garage door retractable screens:

  • Customized coloring – We offer a wide variety of colors to ensure the aluminum frame of the screen will blend in with your current color scheme of the windows and doors.
  • Motorized or manual operating systems – For opening and closing the screens, consider using motorized screens. Install the motorized options on large openings, folding doors, porches, patios, and garages. Motorized options use remotes for powering the screen doors.
  • In-built clutch system or hydraulic damper – The in-built clutch system of hydraulic damper could cause the screen to slow down as it reaches the window and door frame. Therefore, it will not slam shut, creating a huge noise. The in-built system of the screen would not be visible on the outside.
  • Mesh options – A standard mesh made from fiberglass is standard and will provide complete bug and insect protection. You can request a mesh sample before purchasing. The pet-resistant mesh is seven times stronger than fiberglass standard mesh. It will not rip off, tear, or damage easily due to the paws and claws of pets. Finally, there is a solar-coated mesh available to help reduce the harmful UV rays and glare.
  • Designed for safety– We also have a special design feature on our screens that enables the mesh to expand on impact. This reduces injuries to children and pets and safeguards the screen from damages.

Call today for more information on the screen that is best for you.

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