How to Choose Quality and Less Expensive Curtains for Your Windows?

On July 11, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

In the process of home decorations, many people forget to add beauty to the windows. Although there are more use of the blinds and the shutters nowadays, but people still prefer the very traditional decoration with the curtains to decorate their homes in a most aesthetic way.

There are many people who are selling draperies in different colors, sizes and materials. You need to proactively pick the one that best complements with your home interior to add a rich look to your home that your neighbors would be envious of.

Despite of decorating your room with expensive décor, furniture and antique pieces, but selecting the wrong draperies will ruin the entire look of your room. Along with the texture and the color of the fabric, it is also important to know about the cleaning instructions, so that the color of the curtains is retained.

How To Pick The Right Curtains For Your Home And Office?

If you are in a dilemma of how to pick the right curtains for your home, then, you have to go through the below tips without giving a miss. The wall color and the decoration of the floor are enough points which you must know before you pick the right draperies for your home.

Select Different Draperies for Each Room:

Many people will pick the same colored and designed draperies for all the rooms. This is the key blunder that is made by all. You need to pick the draperies that are perfect for each room. Say for example, you need to pick child themed draperies to drape in your child’s room to add a quirky fun to your room.

Keep The Privacy In Mind

The draperies that are widely picked by the people are sheer draperies. However, these draperies are not suitable to use for all the windows, since these draperies provide little privacy and allows ample sunlight into your rooms. However, it is a bad idea to use sheer draperies in bedrooms and bathrooms. So, you need to pick the draperies that are not transparent for your bedrooms and for the rooms where you need ample privacy.

Check the Lighting

Sheer Curtains
Not all types of windows provide ample ventilation. Ideally, the lighting will also change with the kind of draperies you pick. Draperies that are dark in color and heavy would stop the sunlight from entering your room. However, these kinds of draperies are perfect to use in bedrooms where you can enjoy the incredible sunrise. You can pick sheer drapes in the rooms where you need a lot of ventilation and do not need privacy. Prior to picking the draperies, you should have good knowledge about the amount of sunlight you would be receiving in every room.

It Is Important To Check the Prints and the Fabric Quality

  • Check The Materials Thoroughly:

Draperies are made of different fabrics such as silk, cotton, velvet, etc. However, you need to choose the draperies that are made of the material which does not fade off due to continuous exposure to sunlight. However, you can go for cotton to give classy look to your rooms.

  • Pick Best Prints And Patterns:

If your rooms have plain furniture without any kind of designs, then you can go for printed draperies to add a tinge of dynamism to your home. In case, if your carpets and rooms have printed work, then adding the printed draperies would make the rooms look cluttered.

So, you need to be wary while picking the printed draperies. Ideally, the draperies in the shops look appealing, but when they are draped to your windows, they might not look delightful.

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