How To Choose The Best Area Rug For Your Space


Area rugs are a must-have accessory when it comes to decorating your home. From the elegance that a classic oriental rug provides to the casual look that natural jute offer, this interior design accessory will certainly add a touch of warmth and personality to your home. However, with so many styles, materials, and colors to choose from, how will you know the right one?

Here are a few tips that will help you to find the best area rug for your space:

  1. Style

Area Rugs

Personal style is one of the biggest factors that you need to consider when buying a rug. If you want it to last, make sure that it can withstand your lifestyle. For example, if you buy a rug for a high-traffic area like the hallway, you need a thick and durable rug.

Moreover, it would help if you also considered pets and young children. If the rug needs frequent washing, choose easy to clean and durable – such as wool and seagrass. Finally, remember that a dark-colored rug does a better job of hiding stains in a high-traffic area.

Ultimately, it would help if you chose an area rug that complements your personal style. To do this, you need to trust your instincts. Do not talk yourself into buying a trendy color or pattern that is not appealing to you.

  1. Size

Purple Cushions And Furry Rug

You need to do a little homework if you want to find the right size. Start by measuring the area you want the rug to be placed: you should select a maximal or optimal size if you want a wide variety of rugs to choose from. Here are some general guidelines:

When choosing a rug for the family room, choose one that covers the width and length of your furniture. To expand your space, choose a large rug that covers the entire space.

For the dining room, choose a large enough rug to accommodate chairs that are pulled away from the table. Would you please do this by measuring your table and adding at least 2 feet around it?

  1. Colors

Colorful Rugs

According to David and Malcolm Samad, brothers and business partners of, the rug color that you choose can make or break your interior design. So first, you need to look at your whole color scheme and select a color that matches at least 2 or 3 of the most common colors in the room. Then, when going to the store, make sure that you carry a color swatch of your wall colors or drapes.

  1. Here Are Some Handy Tips

Eclectic Floor Rugs

  • If your primary furniture comes in solid colors, choose a patterned rug.
  • If your primary furniture is elaborate in design, choose a solid-colored rug.
  • The solid-colored rug that you choose should complement the color of your sofa.

Because a rug is supposed to anchor the room, the style and color can establish the mood. Lighter colors can enlarge a small space visually, while rich and dark colors can help define intimate spaces. Hues such as orange, red, and yellow bring warmth, while cooler hues bring calm.

  1. Room

Area Rugs in Room

You should pick a rug depending on the room you want it to decorate. For instance, if you have a large bathroom, consider buying a round rug. Moreover, bathrooms are the perfect place to experiment with colors, patterns, and textures.

In transitional spaces that open into other rooms, less is more. However, the width of the rug should match the entry space or be several inches less. If you choose a round area rug for your foyer, make sure to place a light fixture above it. This way, it becomes the focal point.

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