How To Choose The Best Bathroom Accessories In Melbourne


If you are a Melburnian, you can proudly call it the most liveable city in the world. Due to its multiple public transport options to low crime rates, and diverse culture, the city is on the top of every home buyer’s list.

Being a homeowner in Melbourne, you probably pay a lot of attention to designing your home and are constantly looking out for ways to beautify your homes. The smallest but critical space of your home is the bathroom.

More than functionality, your bathroom should be a comfortable place for you to relax. Fitting the room with the right accessories can reinvent the space and add that extra comfort and excitement.

Here’s how you can plan and opt for bathroom accessories in Melbourne that are functional and beautiful:

Bathroom’s Theme

Bathroom Theme

Nowadays, bathrooms are designed in specific themes and concepts. Opt for accessories according to the theme you want to create in your bathroom.

Building styles in Melbourne range from Late Victorian to Edwardian to Art Deco and more. When it comes to bathrooms, modern concepts incorporate an emphasis on color and consistency. Accessories like showerheads and faucets are designed to create an illusion of rain, which gives a sense of relaxation.

On the other hand, traditional concepts work with conservatism and the feeling of nostalgia. It calls for steam baths, spaces for massages, and relaxation.

Opt For The Right Type Of Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

Some of you may be comfortable with simple and essential bathroom accessories. Others may go for exotic and sophisticated items like bathtubs, all-in-one Jacuzzis that come with Bluetooth facilities, and more.

As bathroom fittings stay put for a long time, prioritize your family’s needs according to various functionalities. Shortlist what items you need before you go to look for bathroom accessories in Melbourne.

You must add in the safety factor, especially if you have kids in your home. Buy easy to use accessories that are functional in design.

Choose According To The Bathroom’s Layout And Type Of Home In Melbourne

Bathroom Layout

Of the occupied private dwellings in Greater Melbourne, 67.8% were separate houses, while 16.8% were detached or semi-detached row or terrace houses, townhouses, etc., and 14.7% were flats apartments.

Depending on the type of your house in Melbourne, the bathroom’s layout and spaciousness may vary. With the room’s layout in mind, you must choose the right accessories that will fit in and complement the space. If you crowd the space with many items larger in size, it may affect the functionality and cause discomfort.

Your Budget

Bathroom Fittings

Budget is also a primary factor that determines what accessories you can invest in. Make up your mind to keep away a considerable amount for the purchase, as quality matters.

Highly-priced accessories are made with high-quality materials and are durable and long-lasting. It cuts down the cost of repair and replacement. Whereas cost-effective accessories also have their benefits functionality-wise and are budget-friendly.

After all, your beautiful dwelling in Melbourne deserves careful attention to all spaces, including your bathroom. The bathroom is an important space where every aspect contributes to safety. So, research well and learn about the product before you purchase it. When you look for bathroom accessories in Melbourne, choose items that don’t hinder the space’s function.

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