How To Choose The Best Blinds For Your Bathroom?


You might have spent a lot of time on the interiors of your rooms, but what about the bathroom or the kitchen? These are hefty environments constantly fighting with condensation, steam, and humidity. We have listed the top ten considerations that can revamp your bathroom style:

  1. Don’t Use Real Wood

Faux Wood Blinds

You shouldn’t add wood where the environment can turn damp and humid. They stain and twist with time. There are plenty of faux wood blinds that can make your bathroom look like owning real wood but work way better for this space and kitchens.

  1. Choosing The Right Fabric

Right Fabric For Your Bathroom

As real wood isn’t a suitable fabric for your bathroom, there are more aspects that you need to avoid. Cotton, silk, and linen are some examples. Moisture gets caught in such fibers and doesn’t look pretty. Polyester and PVC are better options. Some common designs are available on polyester fabric and include many ranges from Blind Guyz.

  1. Blinds Or Curtains

Purple Shower Curtain

We are pointing out to the most certain thing out here, but you need to know the reason why you’d never want to see curtains in your bathroom. Blinds are too practical, and you can wipe them down without removing them.

  1. Roller Blinds

Bathroom Woven Wood Blinds

All types of blinds can work well with your bathroom. However, we think that the roller blinds are the best. You might think of practical points with lots of designs, but the roller blinds are easy to access. They are also away from stains and splashes on window sills. It gives you the right amount of shade you need. You will love to create a statement with these, rather than having a plain room.

  1. Blinds For Sunlight

Bathroom Blinds For Sunlight

Bathrooms that have a lot of sunshine need the right sort of blinds. You can opt for Venetian blinds as they work perfectly for this. The movable pieces are great for not blinding you with sunshine but giving the adequate amount you need.

  1. Privacy

Bottom-Up Roller Binds

If you know that your bathroom can be overlooked, you will still not want to cover up the entire window. The bottom-up roller binds work great for this. You need to raise the blind up to the level you are sure of your privacy. This helps you let the light flood in from the top.

  1. Waterproof Options

Composite Shutters

There are many shutters that you might like to choose for bathrooms. These are made of polymer, which doesn’t shrink, crack or feel humid. The slats are movable and allow you the right amount of light and privacy.

  1. Showerproof Blinds

Showerproof Blinds

People who have their shower next to a window, their blinds can have access to a lot of water. You need to choose a complete waterproof blind for such cases. There are collections of this type and give you plenty of designs.

  1. Cold Bathroom Blinds

Cold Bathroom Blinds

Many draughty bathrooms, by which we mean the poorly insulated ones, can need a specific kind of blind. You might like the double-layered pleated fabric that traps air between layers. These retain and reflect heat.

  1. Room Darkening Blinds

Black Out Cellular Shades

The blinds that darken your bathroom are best for privacy. However, you might want a candlelit bath and use the blackout blinds for that. Many suitable options can give you such an ambiance. These are also decorative options and come with many patterns.

These were the top types of blinds that you can choose for your bathroom according to their type. These will help you redefine the look of the ultimate private area.

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