How To Choose The Best Freestanding Baths?


The term freestanding baths refer to the tubs that are entirely completed and can stand by themselves. These tubes are dissimilar to the traditional bathroom fixtures and much like the furniture. It is to mention that the functional ability freestanding baths equivalent to the regular bathroom fittings.

Things to Consider While Choosing Freestanding Baths:

Freestanding Bath

Having a warm bath and relishing the comfortable spa-like feeling at the coziness of the home is indubitably the best experience. Therefore, while choosing a bathtub, a few extremely essential points to be kept in mind are: –

  • Weight: The weight of the tub matters a lot. Mostly, the stone and cast iron made tubs are hefty on its own, and with water in it, the same becomes cumbersome. So, it is essential to consult an operating engineer and recognize the floor’s strength to know the load-bearing capacity before getting in freestanding baths.
  • Shape & Size: Having a bathtub is exciting, but the same should not entirely block the bathroom. Comprehending the required space for a built-in bath is essential. It is also essential that the size and shape of the bathroom be well studied before buying the tub.
  • Style: Aesthetically, freestanding tubs are the best thing to have in a house. The allure of the tub can be enhancing by using marble as the build material. It does not only help you to obtain a fashionable look but also will create a classic look. But before determining the style, the weight should be planned relating to the idea of the bathroom size where the tub would stand.
  • Structure: Freestanding tubs are meant to make the entire bathroom look appealing. The regular cast iron composed tubs can retain heat and are durable. Having the whole set up in steel is far more affordable. The varied range of the tubs covers marble too. The variety of the colors of this tub is also wide. The cast polymer tub serves the same heat retention purpose and is preferred furthermore for its wood-like finish.
  • Taps: The best type of tap to have in freestanding baths in the bath mounted taps. They are cost-efficient and hard-wearing. Also, they are appropriate to use.

Freestanding Baths for Smaller Bathrooms:

Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Not every house may have unlimited space. That again doesn’t mean that a freestanding bath can only suit large bathrooms. There are few considerations to be made before getting freestanding baths in a bathroom where space is limited. For small bathrooms, the best freestanding tubs will be the ones in a single-sided slipper design. They are known to take up a lot less space than the double-sided version. That essentially means the same level of comfort and appeal, however, in a much smaller space. The single-sided versions have a full height on one end, making it look so much focused.

The Sanitation View:

Eclectic Bathroom Design

While every structural engineer would help us understand the floor’s strength and the weight the floor may be able to retain, the plumbing knowledge is very much important to even think of having a tub. Or let’s say that the better the plumbing, the more convenient it is to have a tub. Well, having a free-standing tub is just as much the same as having an ordinary bath. The only difference is that a steady bathtub has a drainage system that works behind the scenes. However, freestanding a drainage system works from the anterior and midpoint. The free-standing tub designs are more like a feature design and make the bathroom look outstandingly appealing.

Getting freestanding tubs are easy if the predictabilities that should go behind getting a tub are done precisely. It adds to the décor of the bathroom and gives it a rich charm that is incontestably luxurious.

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