How To Choose The Best Home Grill For Your Family


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Picking out a home grill may seem like a no-brainer kind of activity, but rather than randomly choosing the first model you like the look of in a store, it pays to do a little thinking first. That way, you can select the perfect grill for your family, one which will meet all your needs and be a great long term investment.

Need some guidance? Keep reading for our helpful tips on what to keep in mind when looking for your perfect home grill.

Charcoal Or Gas?

Both produce great food, but they have different advantages. A gas grill is faster and easier to control, so ideal for last-minute grilling and novice grill fans, or those who like to have the upper hand on temperatures. Gas grills are also environmentally ‘cleaner’ and easier to clean, while charcoal adds an extra layer of flavor to the food which some people prefer.

Stainless Steel Or Cast Iron?

These materials are the most commonly used to make grills as they can deal with intense heat but be cool on the outside. The major difference is the amount of cleaning they need – stainless steel versions are really low maintenance, while cast iron grills do need you to clean them right after using.

Get The Right Size Grill

Experts suggest that 100 square inches should be allowed for each person who will eat, so factor in the numbers you are likely to be feeding. If you have a small family but want to use the grill for entertaining larger parties bear that in mind. Of course, how much space you have has to be factored in too.

Which Features Are Essential?

You could easily be overwhelmed by the sheer range of grills on offer, and the vast range of prices to match, so it is worth knowing which features you will use so are worth paying for, and which would be just expensive white elephants.

The Most Popular Features Include:

  • Good Side Shelving – this is almost essential as you can use them to keep the uncooked food on, along with condiments and utensils.
  • A Thermostat – which saves on guesswork and helps get food cooked to the right temperature.
  • (For gas models) 1k BTUs per burner, to have things cook at a decent speed.
  • Side Burner – This is useful for items that do better with less direct heat, such as sauces, beans, and vegetables.

Add-Ons For Serious Grillers

  • An infrared burner which is good for searing food
  • Rotisserie burner
  • Smokebox


Some grills are on wheels, making them easy to move around the yard; others can be folded and transported to the beach or a campsite when you take a trip. If these things matter, then make sure the grill you look at can deliver.

Taking the time to choose the best home grill or your family is worth it when you have a fantastic addition to your cooking options, one which you will get lots of use and pleasure from for a long time.

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