How To Choose The Best Mattress For Your Family


Standard Sized Bed

Choosing a mattress for your family should be done with careful consideration as to who its for, what would benefit them, and the cost and durability of the mattress itself. Taking these three questions into account, there are many different choices and avenues to go down for each question. Here we go through these questions and offer advice on how to go about your choice. Click here for more information.

Who Is It For?

People have different sleeping characteristics. Some spread wide across a mattress and take up a lot of space, whereas others sleep in a more confined area. Those who sleep in a confined space will, therefore, not require the same size mattress as they will happily use a custom sized mattress.

When buying a mattress for a child, the age of the child is important to the size you purchase, as you do not wish your child to outgrow their mattress prematurely. You could buy a standard-sized bed as a more long-term investment, but this will take up more floor space and come with a higher upfront cost. Some parents prefer to buy cheaper, smaller beds that have lower durability and upfront costs but can be replaced as the child grows.

What Would Benefit Them?

Mattresses come in different types and have varying firmness ratings to go with them. Pocket sprung mattresses are made with springs that are sewn into pockets of fabric. These tend to be on the firmer side of the scale and provide support to those with back pain. Memory foam and latex mattresses provide a softer feel to the mattress, and both mold to the body of the user. This is done through the weight and heat of the user. This provides less support to the back and would be less suitable for those with back pain. However, the molding of the body takes pressure away from key areas and distributes it across the entire length of the body. This would suit those who sleep on their side or those who suffer from joint pain.

Cost And Durability

Expensive mattresses have unique materials and construction techniques. This does not always mean significantly higher durability, though, and decisions must be made regarding the initial upfront cost and the lifespan of the mattress. Memory foam and latex mattresses typically have the highest upfront cost. Mattresses constructed with coils/springs as a base tend to be the cheapest available. Pocket sprung mattresses are a popular choice as they combine a decent lifespan, a high-quality product, and an average upfront cost.

Now you should have all the information you need to consider when choosing a mattress for your family. Buying a superior mattress for your family will significantly increase their sleep quality and create a happy and healthy home environment.

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