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The bathroom represents a small space in your home, but it can be customized to become a big attraction and provides excellent functionality. To add modern bathroom vanities, you must choose wisely so that you get it right for the first time and ensure it looks good and meets all your needs.

Some homeowners will want to go with the current trends or may opt for customized styles. Make the following considerations to find the modern bath vanity that transforms your bathroom into one of your favorite rooms in the house.

Who is Will Be Using the Bathroom Vanity?

Modern Bathroom Design

The chosen vanity must take into account all different people who will be using it and how they will be using it. For a bathroom shared with your partner, you may consider a modern vanity with a double sink since you may all need to use the sink at the same time. For people who like to do their hair and makeup, you need a vanity that provides large counter space and adequate storage for your kits and supplies.

A bathroom for your kids will call for vanity material that is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear from repeated use and abuse.

Where is the Plumbing?

Modern Bathroom

Plumbing in your bathroom will determine where a bathroom vanity is going to be placed. Changing plumbing in the bathroom will cost time and money. Besides, plumbing will determine the style of the vanity. Floor-mounted vanities can work with the existing or typical plumbing layout. Wall-mounted vanities will require moving of plumbing to accommodate your sink.

Changing your plumbing is still possible, depending on what you want and the budget for the project. It opens up a variety of options you have when choosing an ideal contemporary vanity. Working with the existing plumbing layout narrows down your options. Consult a plumber if you need some professional advice on the matter.

Obstacles to Size and Placement

Modern Bathroom

Whereas bathroom design can be changed, it may prove challenging to replace doors and walls. They are some of the obstacles that will limit where to place your vanity. Take note of the following determinants of size and placement of vanities.

  • Door Swing: If a bathroom door swings inwards and hits a vanity, its placement will be ineffective and annoying.
  • Shower: If you prefer a shower with a door rather than a curtain, you must take into account its swing when placing your vanity.
  • Toilet: The toilet will determine the placement of your vanity. Will you want the vanity besides, in front of, or far from the toilet? It should not interfere with the use of the toilet.
  • Traffic Flow: Placement of your vanity should not impede traffic around the bathroom. It is frustrating to keep bumping into the vanity as you try to avoid other fixtures in your bathroom.

Experimentation with the space in your bathroom will allow you to get an indicator of where the vanity can be placed. Make use of a box as a substitute for the vanity and try to walk around to see how effective the placement will be vis-à-vis the rest of the room.

Work closely with a contractor who will take measurements to determine how long or wide the vanity will be. With the correct size, you can consider other factors to choose the best vanity to meet your needs. A wall-mounted vanity will ensure better utilization of limited space in your bathroom. Alternatively, a corner-mounted small modern vanity is yet another option for small bathrooms and will provide a final gorgeous look without taking up lots of space.

Decide Your Storage Needs

Light Color Bathroom Designs

A bathroom vanity adds extra storage for everything you require to put in there like a makeup kit. The configuration of your vanity can be changed accordingly to fit your storage needs and allow for sink plumbing. For example, you can have a column of drawers and space for plumbing. The size of your bathroom will determine the size of the vanity and its storage space.

Take Note: Drawers and cabinet doors will take up more space since they extend out or swing-out forwards and to the side. Choose what works out better between drawers and cabinets on the vanity, depending on the placement and layout of the bathroom.

Style of Sink and Tapware

White Bathroom Vanity

Some homeowners spent a huge chunk of time choosing a style of faucet or taps and forget they are just a small part of the sink. Spend an equally long time selecting a stylish bowl that will make the bathroom look elegant and make the vanity highly functional.

There is an overwhelming number of sink styles, which can make choosing very difficult. Determine the amount of counter space you want and how much of that space can be taken up by the sink.

The sink style chosen should not utilize the entire counter space. You can make a comparison between standard sinks and other styles to have an idea of how the vanity will be set up.

Mounting Options

Wall Mounted Vanities

There are many mounting options for vanity, depending on the size of your bathroom. Pedestal vanities, floating/wall-mounted vanities, and corner-mounted vanities will help create an illusion of more space in the bathroom.

With adequate space in your bathroom, you can choose freestanding vanities, floating vanities, or custom-made vanities. Floating vanities are on-trend with homeowners liking their modern style and how they open up floor space in the bathroom. The free-standing vanities have greater storage space and ample counter space. Read more on this topic to understand your options when mounting modern bathroom vanities.

Choice of Materials

Bathroom Countertops

Choose materials that can withstand wear and tear when it comes into contact with different substances such as water, cleaning products, and spilled hair and makeup products. The bathroom remains one of the most humid rooms in the home due to the steaming hot showers.

The vanity material should hold up against most substances used in the bathroom. Basic factors to look at are waterproof materials, resistance to scratching, and abrasion. Notable materials that will hold up against the elements in the bathroom are laminate, thermofoil, and wood veneers.

The vanity top should be highly durable, must not stain easily, and is easy to clean. The choice of countertops for your vanity is big, and you can find materials that are beautiful and functional such as granite, laminate, and quartz.

There are no wrong choices when it comes to fulfilling personal taste. You make the final choice on all designs and styles while your contractor provides suggestions where necessary with regard to modern bathroom vanities.

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