How To Choose The Best Persian Carpet For Your Home?


A home is a place that most people love to decorate and showcase it with beautiful and unique accessories. In the list, one such essential accessory is the carpet—their many verities in carpets. When you need to select the right one, you will need to do certain research and choose the best. Only then can it fulfill the needs.

Here Are Certain Tips That May Help You To Choose The Right One Persian Carpet

Persian Carpets

  1. Count The Knots

When you choose the traditional Persian carpet, they are handwoven, and you need to look at the number of knots on the carpet. The best one will have 120 knots per square inches. When you turn back the carpet, you can find the knots. A hand-woven carpet may be uneven with stitches, but the machine work will have the best outlook and finishing. It is good to choose the carpet with a higher number of knots to have the best quality.

  1. Kind Of Material

The carpet’s life depends on the material you choose; generally, they are made in any materials like silk, wool, or wool-silk blend. When you look for a shiny finishing, it is better to prefer the Persian carpet made of silk. Wool is considered the most used and popular one globally because it is cheap and much more durable.

  1. Choose The Color

You can choose the color of the carpet from natural or synthetic dyes. It may use a cochineal insect to have a red color, pomegranate rind for the yellow shades, and indigo plants for blue when it is natural colors. Using the systemic dyes will penetrate evenly into the carpet, and the natural colors will be found only on the surface of the Persian carpet. When you isolate specific threads and look at them, you may find the type of dyes used to make the carpet. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, natural colors, and eco-friendly, but they may not last long while synthetic ones contain more durable chemicals.

  1. Look For An Inspiring Pattern

You may have a specific pattern and designs for your home. Make sure the carpet that you have is in sync with the design and color of your home, as well as your taste.

  1. Use The Protecting Pad

It would help if you used carpet pads on the floors before placing the carpet to protect flooring and carpet. It would help if you also were careful while choosing the pad; there are two types of pads: natural and synthetic pads. Since natural pads are made of natural materials, they will not easily disintegrate into a powdery mess. This makes the quality best and protects the carpet underneath. It would help if you also considered the thickness of the pad while buying them.

  1. Do Not Forget Your Budget

There are carpets for different budgets; it varies based on the types, area, quality, size, and certain other factors. You may initially fix a specific budget that you wish to spend for your Persian carpet. Based on your preference and the various qualities of the carpet, you may choose the carpet.

Persian Carpet

The right Persian carpet will make you fall in love with it, and they will stay in your home in good condition for generations, but only if you choose the right material and quality of the carpet. Based on the tips and guidance, you may choose the right carpet lovable for all your house members and use them efficiently.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful post. Yes, we really need to do research on what carpet suits to our taste and style. But should we also consider the quality of carpets?


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