How To Choose The Perfect Carpet For Your Home


Perfect Carpet

Renovating and updating the home is a top priority for many people heading into a new year. Particularly as we spend an increasing amount of time indoors and working remotely in 2022, you want your home environment to be as warm and inviting as possible – particularly in these cold winter months.

Refreshing a room with a brand-new carpet can be a fantastic and affordable way of transforming it into something fresh and exciting. However, deciding on the best carpet typing and style for your chosen room can be challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the different pros and cons of each type or the factors that you may need to bear in mind depending on the type of room you’re looking to refit.

If you’re interested in upgrading your home’s carpeting this year, here’s a quick and easy guide on a couple of things to look out for and consider, helping you to make the right choice on some new flooring that your feet will surely thank you for.

Understanding The Different Carpet Styles

You’ll have probably heard some of the different terms before. Still, suppose you’re unfamiliar with the various carpet types available. In that case, it’s important to understand some of the differences when getting started so that you can make the right decision for your home. Here’s a short introduction to three main carpet types available – Twist, Loop, and Saxony.

Twist CarpetsSuitable for most room types and known as a good all-round carpet, twist pile carpets keep their texture long term when paired with a good quality underlay and can also achieve a good level of comfort in their pile.

Saxony CarpetsWith a soft and luxurious pile, Saxony carpets are the popular go-to choice for those looking for a premium carpet to sink their toes into. These deep pile carpets also can have rich, shifting colour tones within their fibres.

Loop CarpetsWith a tightly-packed, durable pile that can typically sustain long-term, intensive use, loop pile carpets are a fantastic, low-maintenance option. They’re often easier to clean than other carpet styles.

Thinking About the Room, You’re Upgrading

Once you’ve thought about the different carpet styles available – and which might be the best for your renovation project – you should also think about the room or rooms you want to update and which style might suit them best.

Carpet Warehouse recommend luxurious, deep-pile Saxony carpets for the main bedroom and relaxed living room areas, with resilient twist pile carpets or even a durable loop style for hallways and stairs that are well-travelled in family homes. If you want high-end comfort throughout the home, however, they do offer durable and hard-wearing Saxony varieties that can be used across any room in the home or even in commercial properties.

Looking to refit a spare bedroom area that is only used every now and again? Rather than splashing out on an expensive Saxony carpet that you won’t be able to feel the benefits of, opt for something stylish and cost-effective that can get the job done at an affordable price point.

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