How To Choose The Perfect Master Bedroom Design Theme


For many people, the bedroom is the room of the house in which they spend the most time. Considering that, it is important to create a master bedroom design theme that suits your taste while being a calming space to sleep in.

The Layout

Bedroom Layout

The first thing to consider is the actual layout of the room. How big is it? How high are the ceilings? Are there any angles to accommodate? You may decide that a different room entirely is better suited to be your bedroom. Lofts, for instance, can easily be converted to cozy, intimate master bedrooms. You can discover more information on getting a loft conversion at

Choose The Right Flooring

Bedroom Flooring

What flooring you choose for your master bedroom depends entirely on what features you feel are most important. Laminate and vinyl floors are easy to keep clean and are available in a variety of attractive designs. They are an economical choice, being cheap, easy to install, and relatively long-lasting. Hardwood flooring – installed, or perhaps the original floorboards are suitable – provide a beautiful backdrop to your master bedroom design, with different species of wood having a different look. The most popular choice of bedroom flooring is carpet. Carpeting, combined with an excellent quality underlay, can provide thermal insulation and noise reduction, ensuring that you have a quiet night’s sleep before stepping onto a soft pile carpet in the morning.

Walls Decor

Bedroom Wall Decor

Another consideration is how to decorate the walls in your master bedroom. Wallpaper is one option, with many attractive designs available to suit every budget. However, wallpaper is quite often trend-led, so make sure you choose a classic design to avoid your bedroom becoming quickly dated. If you plan on painting your bedroom, color psychology is an interesting consideration to keep in mind. As the bedroom is primarily intended as a place for relaxation, choose calming shades such as blues and pinks. These colors subconsciously have a calming, soothing effect, and so could help to improve your sleep.


Bedroom Furniture

Once you have got your flooring and wall covering sorted, you can look at getting some furniture for your master bedroom. The bed is very often the focal point of a bedroom, and there are many sizes and styles to choose from. Headboards and bedsteads are available in a variety of materials, budgets, and tastes. For instance, an iron bedstead perfectly complements a traditional look, while a wooden headboard has a cozy vibe. You can also forego the headboard completely if you want a more modern look.

When buying additional furniture, such as wardrobes, bedside tables, and dressing tables, they must complement each other and the room. Buying bedroom furniture as a suite ensures that the set matches and complements each other, and takes the stress out of finding individual complementary pieces. However, bedroom suites can be expensive, and you might want the design challenge of sourcing these pieces individually. In this case, try to find pieces made from the same material and of a similar style.

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