How To Choose The Perfect Wireless Dog Fence


All pet owners want to keep their pets safe and secure in an enclosed area. They use dog fences to prevent their dog from escaping or from running out.

The Invisible dog fences are the boundary system where your dog will stay protected and can roam freely. It will allow you to keep your four-legged friend without leashing or casing and give him the freedom to play, run, or exercise in your yard.

When it comes to dog fences, both wireless and in-ground fences are available and also as effective as the traditional chain fences. But, the difference makes when it comes to cost. They are cheaper than traditional wooden or chain-linked fences.

How To Choose The Perfect Wireless Dog Fence?

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Before buying, you should know well about a wireless dog fence and how it works. Then it will be easier for you to choose the perfect fence for your dog.

What Is A Wireless Dog Fence?

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A wireless dog fence is a great way to keep your dog in a defined and confined area without any physical appearance. But, before buying a dog fence, you should check out the features properly as you want to buy a fence that needn’t bury wires.

How Does It Work?

Wireless Dog Fence for Home and Field Usage

A wireless dog fence creates an area and generally works with an electronic transmitter that sends radio signals to a collar. The collar is put on the dog’s neck. When the dog approaches to cross the boundary, the transmitter sends a signal, and the collar gives him mild and harmless electric shock so that he won’t cross his boundary area.

Consider How Much Area You Need To Contain?

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A wireless fence allows you to select how much area you want to keep in containment. Generally, wireless fences cover 5 acres. If you need more coverage, then you can do it with the extension kit. The most powerful fences can cover up to 25 acres.

How To Set Up?

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One of the most important things about the wireless dog fence is that it is easy to set up. Just you have to set up the transmitter and put the collar to your dog’s neck. But, it is better to understand the setting procedure before buying.

Dog’s Receiver Collar

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

The receiver collar comes in a variety of sizes. So, select the size that will perfectly fit your dog’s neck.

Some fences come with a rechargeable collar and come with replaceable batteries. Few companies also provide replacement of collar. Go for one which will be budget-friendly for you.

Weather Friendly

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

While buying a dog fence, try to choose a dog collar that is waterproof. A collar that is made with weather-friendly material will be more durable.

A wireless fence will keep your furry friend safe and free in a wireless containment. There are a lot of options available in the market.

So, consider the above features before choosing a fence. These will help you to get a perfect dog fence for your dog and, of course, will ensure better performance.

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