How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Kitchen


Finding the right dining table for your kitchen or dining room is one of the most important home purchases you will ever make. The dining table is where your family will interact during the week, where your friends will gather for dinner parties on Saturday evenings, and where multiple generations of family will squeeze together to celebrate special birthdays and holidays over the years.

To help you choose the right table, we’ve put together a guide with advice from Callender Howorth – leading interior designers. Professional interior design services ensure you find the perfect table for your lifestyle.


Dining Area
In a large, open-plan dining area, a long rectangular table is a great choice, as it fits the shape of the room. The table should be large enough to accommodate everybody comfortably but narrow enough for guests to walk around the dining area. A wooden table evokes feelings of comfort – perfect for a family home. This Chiswick Park house project best exemplifies how a rectangular table can define a dining space. In a smaller kitchen or dining room, opt instead for an oval table with a pedestal-style base to maximize space and to avoid seating people in front of a cumbersome table leg.


Natural LightIf you wish to maximise the room’s natural light or brighten a darker room, consider buying a glass dining table. A glass table can make a room feel more spacious. This Nice penthouse utilises a glass table to great effect, enabling the light to permeate the room. Glass tables suit an array of style, and can be used in a contemporary space or can complement a more traditional style of décor. To emphasise the impression of airiness, pair your glass table with a matching glass base, rather than heavy metal legs.


Separate Dining ZoneConcerning space division in your home, here’s a secret that is kept by the best interior designers: if you wish to break up a large room and create a separate dining zone, use a round table. Round dining tables create a more intimate setting and are the perfect way to add a cosy breakfast nook to a kitchen, or a dining area in an open-plan living room. The round table in this Islington townhouse offers a cosy spot to enjoy meals with loved ones.


Modern Contemporary HouseIf you live in a modern or contemporary house, you will want your furniture to stand out rather than fit in. Choose a mixed-materiel table for maximum impact: pair a glass top with concrete legs or contrast a traditional solid wooden top with a brushed metal base to create a statement piece that will impress your guests. For inspiration, take a look at the dining space in this ultra-contemporary Regents Park house; metal and wood are blended perfectly. For a more industrial loft–style apartment, opt for a bleached, wooden tabletop and painted metal legs, reminiscent of a workbench or vintage factory table. This style is showcased in the Exchange Building project.


Traditional Dining TablesFinally, don’t forget to consider the purpose of your dining table before purchasing. Will your table be the centrepiece for glamorous parties or a place to enjoy simple meals whilst on holiday? As seen in this beautiful apartment in Nice, style is key and the table you choose will set the tone for your entire kitchen or dining space. Once you’ve found your perfect fit, it’s time to sit back, relax and let the table play host to your family and friends.


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