How To Choose The Right Mattress For An Elderly Person?


Right Mattress

It is well known that a person is not so sensitive to the surface on which he sleeps in youth. But with age, the situation changes: you feel all the irregularities, and it’s’s too softly bad, and hard is uncomfortable. The conclusion is simple – the age of a person directly affects the design of the bed. For the sleep to be strong and healthy, good back support is needed. But how to choose an anatomical mattress for an elderly person so that he helps the body recover and relax as much as possible? To do this, you need to consider several aspects:

  • Choose stiffness and filler correctly.
  • If necessary, opt for Anti-decubitus models.
  • Determine the main characteristics of the product.

How To Choose The Stiffness And Filler?

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Choosing the right mattress for a comfortable sleep in old age is not so easy. You should take into account many nuances. As we age, it may be difficult to get good sleep. Keep your beds away from bed bugs by daily cleaning, vacuuming, and regularly changing beddings. For signs of uncontrollable bed bug infestation, try Pest Pro Bed Bug Systems to keep those pests away!

When choosing stiffness, remember that backpressure can adversely affect superficial blood circulation and increase joint pain and osteochondrosis. Accordingly, in the first place, you should choose soft anatomical mattresses with good elasticity. Rigid mattress models are only permissible for medical reasons and problems with the spine.

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When Choosing A Filler, Pay Attention To Its Anatomical Properties:

Anatomical Mattress

  • Latex is the right choice in the absence of chronic problems with the spine and joints. The material provides the necessary back support and is characterized by an average level of stiffness. It absorbs moisture perfectly, eliminating skin irritation.
  • Memorialform, memory is ​​an ideal solution in old age. Thanks to the “memory effect,” the product seems to flow around the body, eliminating pressure on sore joints. However, not everyone likes these feelings; this moment cannot be ignored.
  • Coconut coir will provide rigidity to the anatomical mattress, which ensures the correct position of the spine. However, people with joint problems should prefer other options or choose organic mattresses where the coir is combined with softening layers.
  • A one-piece spring unit guarantees an average level of stiffness but does not consider the pressure difference across different parts of the product. This can lead to discomfort during sleep and frequent changes in position. Such “tossing and turning” severely affects the quality of rest.

Independent spring unit – the ideal solution for old age. Specially designed anatomical models for the elderly provide maximum comfort during sleep.

Anti-decubitus Mattresses

Anti Decubitus Mattress

A special category of mattresses is the Anti-decubitus model, designed for bedridden patients or people with reduced mobility. Similar products can be divided into two groups:

  • Static, designed for people with reduced mobility. The anti-decubitus effect is achieved by adapting the product to the anatomy and proper pressure distribution. A person feels complete comfort even in the case of long immobility. Such models are distinguished by a complex combination of layers and high air permeability.
  • Dynamic models are used if an older person is recumbent. Minimal movement makes the filler layers move with the patient, creating a massage effect that improves surface blood circulation and relieves stress. There are two types of such products: cellular and balloon. The choice depends on the weight. For people of an average weight category, orthopedists recommend the cellular option; the balloon one is more suitable.

What To Focus On When Choosing A Mattress?

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It’s’s quite difficult for people aged to choose a mattress. There are practically no trifles and minor aspects. Here are a few tips to come in handy:

  • If possible, get an orthopedic consultation.
  • The older the person for whom the product is purchased, the model should be softer.
  • Anatomical properties give specialized products.
  • For people with osteochondrosis and other spinal problems, bilateral models of different stiffness are recommended. In the period of exacerbation of diseases, the hard side for sleep is used in remission – softer and more sparing.
  • It is better to choose hypoallergenic fillers. With age, sensitivity to allergens increases.

Remember, there is no universal solution, but yes online, you can buy the best mattresses under $300. Products are selected individually. The mattress should be comfortable in the first place and not cause discomfort. Even a useful anatomical surface that is not pleasurable during sleep will adversely affect your health. You will toss and turn in a dream. This will disrupt the deep phase of sleep and cause irritability. Therefore, the main thing is convenience; the rest after it!

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  1. Thickness is the major part when choosing a mattress for an elderly person. For kid, you can choose 4-6 inches thick mattress but for adult, you must go above 8 or 10 inches. Thank you very much for your useful advice, Andre

  2. Thanks for the tip that a memory foam is quite ideal for elderly people. My grandfather has been having a lot of back pain lately and not have enough sleep is bad for his health. Perhaps I should take him to a mattress store one of these days so that he can personally choose one that is most comfortable for him.


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