How To Choose The Right Midwest Foundation Company? From A Louisville Foundation Repair Expert


Foundation Repair Experts

A structure’s foundation is vital to its overall stability and condition, which is why you need to ensure you choose the right foundation experts in Louisville when a home or other building needs repairs! Fixing a foundation is about much more than just patching over cracks with a concrete mix or epoxy and requires skill and specialized equipment for those repairs to last.

If you’re searching for a foundation repair company in Louisville or any other city, you might note some important details to consider before signing a contract. This information will ensure you choose the best foundation repair contractor near you and that your home or other structure is strong and secure, and in good condition.

Choosing A Foundation Repair Expert

As with any contractor you might hire for your home or business, ask the right questions, and check certain details about a foundation repair company to ensure you choose the best one for your property. Check out a few of those details here and why they’re so vital for narrowing down your list of foundation experts in Louisville.

  • Ask how long a foundation contractor has been in business. Foundation repair is not something you can learn only through classes or tutorials but requires hands-on experience! Years of experience ensure a contractor can spot signs of damage deep in concrete and that he or she will perform quality repairs that last, versus quick fixes that don’t!
  • Ask if they hire third-party contractors or day laborers to work for them or if the company has a crew on its own payroll. Third-party contractors might lack the experience and skill needed to perform quality repairs. In contrast, a foundation repair company is more likely to invest time and energy into training someone on their payroll.
  • Ask about their insurance policy and coverage. A foundation repair contractor will rarely damage your property during their repairs. Still, just in case something happens to your home or commercial building, you’ll want to know that they have adequate insurance to cover those costs!
  • Always ask about their warranty or guarantee. Some minor repairs might last only a few years, but major fixes, such as the insertion of concrete or steel piers, should last for decades!

Also, note if the company is in good standing with a trade association, or check their name through the Better Business Bureau. You also want to get everything in writing and ensure you’re offered a detailed estimate; as mentioned on Angie’s List, a vague quote written on the back of a business card can signal a lack of professionalism! (

It’s also good to choose a foundation expert who answers your questions and explains their work in detail every step of the way. Be wary of a company that wants to rush through the estimate process and into having you sign a contract!

How Much Do Foundation Repairs Cost?

Your foundation repair cost will vary according to damage levels and the type of repair chosen. Epoxy or other injections that patch small cracks in foundation concrete might run a few hundred dollars, but these will only last for about 5 to 7 years before the material begins to degrade.

Steel, concrete, and helical piers inserted under a home’s foundation might cost anywhere from $800 to $2000 each; your total foundation repair cost will then depend on how many piers are needed for your foundation repairs. Most homeowners will pay between $4000 and $6500 for foundation repairs, on average.

While this might seem costly, ensure you don’t choose a foundation repair expert by price alone. An underpriced contractor might be using poor-quality materials that degrade sooner than they should or might be inexperienced so that your repairs don’t last over the years. Invest in a quality foundation expert, so you know those fixes will stay strong and reliable for years to come!

What Happens If You Don’t Fix Foundation Problems?

Property owners rarely think about a structure’s foundation until it shows signs of damage! Once you notice those cracks, chips, and spalling, you must call a foundation expert as quickly as possible. Note what might happen if you put off fixing foundation problems to understand the importance of timely repairs better.

Weak foundations don’t support structures as they should; the weight of that structure can then begin to shift to one side or another. It pulls on the interior and exterior surfaces as a structure shifts, leading to cracks along walls, ceilings, and even the roof! Floors might also outright buckle, and plumbing pipes get pulled out of position, leading to leaks and clogs.

As if those fixes weren’t expensive enough, foundation cracks let water and moisture into a structure, risking wood rot and damaged drywall. That moisture also increases the risk of mold growth, pest infestation, and unpleasant smells.

The longer you put off needed foundation fixes, the worse these problems become so that eventual repairs are even more expensive and time-consuming. To avoid these risks and ensure your structure is in good condition, address foundation fixes at the first sign of damage.

Can You Patch Foundation Crack Yourself?

A homeowner might use a hydraulic cement mixture to patch small concrete foundation cracks; use a putty knife to push the cement into the crack and pull off any excess. Once dry, add another protective layer over the patched area and let that dry as well.

For larger cracks and especially damage in the middle of a concrete slab, or if your home’s crawlspace is already showing signs of wood rot and other secondary damage, it’s time to call an expert! That damage will usually require specialized equipment and the insertion of piers or full-scale house leveling. Also called mud or slab jacking, house leveling uses a special slurry injected under the home; as the slurry dries, it expands, pushing the home back into a level position.

These fixes are best left to a foundation expert in Louisville or your local area, familiar with typical soil conditions, weather, and other factors that affect your structure’s foundation and needed repairs. Not only will a foundation repair contractor offer the services needed to ensure your structure’s stability, but they will also guarantee their work, so you know those fixes will last!

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