How to Choose the Right Shape of In-ground Pool for Your Yard


What could be more exciting than installing an in-ground pool? There are nearly 11 million swimming pools nationwide, so it’s clear that people love creating their oasis of cool water for swimming and exercise.

Most homeowners work with their contractors to find the best style for their landscaping. People with children also need special safety accommodations. If you’re interested in installing a pool for your property, what shape will you pick? Here are four shapes to choose from for your in-ground pool:

Kidney-Shaped Pool

Kidney Shaped Pool

This uniquely-shaped pool is ideal for a new yard that does not need definitive geometric lines. It is rounded on each side and does not have pointed angles and corners. Owners can easily mark the shallow and deep ends of this pool. The kidney-shaped pool is excellent for people with children.

Rectangle Pool

Rectangle Pool

This is the iconic pool shape and is perfect for owners who have a geometric-style landscape. It is also the best pool for diving and doing laps. Some owners choose a double rectangular pool that forms the shape of an L. This type is also right for the same kind of yard, and the extension makes it easier to separate a children’s play area and an exercise stretch for laps. Another popular type of rectangle pool is the infinity pool, whose edges make it look like it merges into the surrounding landscape.

Greek and Roman

Greek and Roman Pool

These pools are rectangle pools that do not have the typical sharp edges. Roman pools have rounded corners while Greek ones have trimmed off corners. Either would be perfect for classical landscaping or if someone had children and did not want the sharp edges.


Freeform Pool

Freeform pools have no limitations on their shape and are totally up to the owner’s whim. Some people have wooded backyards and want their pool to look like part of the natural landscape. Many of them look like ponds. Pool designers can use natural stone, waterfalls, and other natural features to their freeform pools. It is perfect for those who love nature and want a piece of it in their backyard.

No matter what design a homeowner chooses, pools provide a lot of fun for the whole family. Having an in-ground pool on the property can also add 7.7% to the home’s market value. It is rare to find any prospective buyer who would not want a pool, so contact a pool company like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas soon! This summer is the perfect time to consider a pool for the whole family’s enjoyment.

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