How To Choose The Right Solar Installer? All You Need To Know


Solar Installer

A  photovoltaic system is a long-term investment whose longevity depends on the quality of the system as well as its installation.

With over 19,000 solar panel installation businesses in the US in 2021, ranging from newbies to experts, how do you choose the best solar installer to safeguard your investment in residential or commercial solar panels?

Before we get into the tips to choose a solar installer, let us start with a look at the benefits of going solar.

Why Go Solar?

  • To reduce electricity bills and save on electricity in the long-term. Solar energy is not affected by the ever-increasing grid electricity prices because the sun does not charge you for its energy. With solar investments, you also enjoy federal and state incentives that bring down your investment costs and raise your savings.
  • Did you know that having a solar panel installation that you own on your property enhances the value of your property by about 4.1%? Moreover, your house becomes more attractive to buyers making it slightly easier to liquidate your property should the need ever arise.
  • Having rooftop solar panels and batteries for backup gives you energy independence. Your house remains powered in the event of power outages in your area.
  • With solar panels for your roof having a lifespan that is over 30 years, there is hardly any maintenance you will need, save for the occasional dust and dirt cleaning.
  • The sun is the most ubiquitous source of energy, and that makes solar energy both renewable and sustainable. And for every watt of solar energy you produce, there is a proportional reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that harm the environment, so you also get to protect our green world.

7 Tips On Choosing The Right Solar Contract To Install Solar Panels

  1. The chances are high that you are not the first in your area to go solar. Ask your neighbours who are already on solar and get recommendations for a good solar contractor in your area. The longer your neighbours have had their system, the richer their recommendation will be, as they can tell you from years of using their system how good their installer is.
  2. It is best to go for a solar installer near you with a headquarters in your area. First, they probably do not want to ruin their reputation by doing a shady job, and they probably have the most knowledge about weather conditions in your area. This all makes for a good installation.
  3. Ask to see your company’s license, insurance, and accreditations. Licensing is required for companies who set up PV systems, and it is even better if they have an electrical installation license as well. Accreditations prove that the installer has undergone the necessary training to design and install solar systems, while insurance guarantees that your house will be repaired should there be any damage during the installation process.
  4. No good installer will give you a quote over a telephone call or an email. The good ones start with a visit to evaluate your home, suggest energy efficiency improvements that reduce the necessary system size, advise you on incentives that could reduce your spending or raise your savings, and then give you a quotation. Moreover, improving your energy efficiency will ensure you get the maximal federal and state incentives.
  5. Do not settle for the first installer you find. Make sure you get the best deal by collecting at least three quotes from different installers. A good selection should not only include the solar panel installation costs but should also tell you how much monetary savings you can expect from adopting solar power and the assumptions behind these savings.
  6. You have the option between off-grid, straight grid-tie, and grid-capable solar systems. The solar contractor you choose should be one with vast expertise with the setup you have chosen.
  7. When choosing a solar installer, always go for the installer with the best after-sale support and guarantee conditions in case something goes wrong in the future.

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