How to Choose the Right Window Blinds for Your Home


When it comes to home décor and window décor, there are certainly a lot of choices present. While these choices are certainly a boon, they can, at times, make you feel overwhelmed if this is the first time you’re planning to choose blinds. Blinds refer to adjustable hard slats or vanes which are pulled manually or opened with remote control. Ideal for privacy and control over light, these window décor options are evolving by the day. With so many options, you may often feel that you need a dictionary to understand all the different choices. So here is some assistance to help you make the right choice of window blinds for your home.

Choose the Right Material

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Blinds may be of aluminum, wood or faux wood. If you choose wood, remember that you need to give your curtains special care and that it is capable of warping under humid conditions. As far as colors go, wood and faux wood is generally limited to more neutral, natural colors. Aluminum blinds, though, have more colors and are ideal if you want more choice.

When you choose blinds for your home, it is hard to go wrong. Just select the right material based on your environment. For example, use aluminum rather than wood in your bathroom to avoid them warping because of humidity. Use faux wood blinds in your kitchen since they are easy to wipe clean if they get greasy.

Determine the Slat Direction

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Figuring out which blinds will work best for your window requires that you know which slat direction works best. Vertical blinds are ideal for sliding glass doors, while all other windows will do well with horizontal blinds. When choosing your slat direction, remember to ensure that you can open the door or window easily once the blinds are installed. Also, if you want your smaller windows to look broader, choose horizontal blinds instead of vertical ones.

Get the Right Slat Width

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The width of your slats can have a bearing on the overall look of your room. More full slats speak of boldness while narrower slats are more delicate and create a subtle look. Bedrooms are ideal locations to use more full blind slats since they give you more privacy. On the other hand, use narrower slats for large windows for a beautiful effect.

Choosing Custom Blinds

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Not always can you get the perfect blinds for your windows? After all, your home décor should be made for your home, rather than you having to change your home interiors to cater to it. In cases where you believe in the perfection of your interiors, and you’d like to get the best possible window blinds, custom blinds can serve you well. The truth is, there is no standard window size, and most people anyway either go in for custom blinds or make do with something that doesn’t always suit them. If you’d like the perfect fit, though, get in touch with reputed providers of custom blinds who can get the job done for you.

Getting a custom size blind ordered ensures that you get the best possible fit and the best look for your windows. Most professionals offer free home consultations so that they can provide you with the best choices to suit your existing décor. When choosing a professional for the job, check their credentials, past work, and reputation to make sure that you get the best results. Check with them about the possibility of manual or automated blinds and think about customized lift systems that may be possibly integrated with your blinds.

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  1. Thanks for helping me choose the right window blinds for my home. I’d like to install one at home since I’m bothered by the heat in the morning because it might ruin some of my furniture inside my home. With that said, I shall then choose the right material based on my environment, perhaps aluminum blinds would go well on my property.


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