How To Choose Throw Pillows For The Interior


Throw Pillows

Throw pillows have long ceased to serve only a practical function. Today, they can be a major interior element, capable of decorating any room and even set the tone for its style and place accents. When choosing decorative pillows for your interior, you should pay attention to several points, such as their number, size, shape, color, and fabric texture.

Stay Away From These Options

Let’s start by contradiction. Here are the options from which you should stay away when choosing throw pillows for the interior.

Pillows And Furniture Upholstery Have The Same Fabric

It often happens that decorative pillows come complete with a sofa. However, they usually look boring, merging in color with this sofa and making its shape irregular. Moreover, this option isn’t trendy anymore. But you can easily change the situation by sewing new pillowcases for decorative cushions with your own hands.

Pillows And Curtains Are Of The Same Fabric

It’s another popular option that is out of fashion now. According to current trends, decorative pillows made of the same fabric as curtains in the room look tacky and make the interior old-fashioned. If you already have such pillows, change them by sewing new pillowcases or decorating the old ones.

All Throw Pillows In The Room Are Of The Same Kind

Even if you like minimalism and simplicity, don’t forget to break the identical pattern of cushions with at least one or two other ones. They will differ from them and attract attention.

Simple Rules To Choose Throw Pillows

Tone Contrast

To focus on the tone of your furniture upholstery is one of the simplest ways to create an interesting set of decorative cushions. They should be just darker or lighter than the sofa or armchairs. In one pillow set, both darker and lighter ones can be present in comparison with the tone of the upholstery.

Color Contrast

One more way to create an interesting pillow set is to choose contrasting colors. If you have, for example, a sofa with warm beige upholstery, your cushions can be in dark and light shades of blue. The cool grey furniture can be decorated with red pillows or orange ones with warm green elements.

Choosing fabrics with a pattern can be difficult to combine pillows, but more interesting. Not to be mistaken, you can follow this rule: The main number of pillows is of one pattern, and one or two more are of another one. For example, three pillows with geometric patterns and two more with floral patterns. Or: 4 tartan or striped pillows and 1 or 2 with a floral or abstract pattern.

Textures Contrast

For example, if the upholstery of your sofa or armchair is made of simple matte fabric, add some designer pillows from materials with bouclé effect, or fabrics with pile, embroidery, from the knitwear, with tassels, flounces, appliqué work, or other decors.

Number, Size, And Shape Of Pillows

There is only one limitation here — your imagination. It’s up to you to follow traditional rules or not.

For a medium-sized sofa, you should choose from 2 to 10 pillows, for an armchair — from 1 to3. The number of cushions for a large corner sofa is unlimited.

The traditional throw pillow is square with a side of 40-50 cm. This form is suitable for almost any sofa, bed, or armchair. Smaller pillows are suitable for small sofas and armchairs or a children’s room; larger pillows are suitable for large sofas, spacious rooms, or rooms furnished with large pieces of furniture.

The second most popular shape is rectangular, the third one is round. Bolster pillows are also comfortable. Pillows of unusual shapes help make your interior more interesting. These can be polygon or triangle pillows, star-, heart-, animal-, or custom-shaped pillows.

It is better if the number of ‘unusual’ pillows is no more than half of their total number. In this case, they will attract attention, making the composition of the sofa and the room more interesting.

Combining Comfort With Harmony

Harmonization of the space around is one of the main ‘aims’ of the Feng Shui system because we, regardless of social status, profession, and beliefs, want to feel comfortable when returning home.

Feng Shui has a lot of ways for this. Moreover, it is known that often the details are as important as key elements.

The shape of the pillow in the Feng Shui system should depend on the area for which it is intended:

  • For the wealthy and family areas (southeast and east), you need rectangular pillows.
  • For the career area (north), pillows of irregular geometric shapes are suitable — streamlined and without sharp corners.
  • For the marriage and knowledge areas (southwest and northeast), square pillows are the best choice.
  • For the creativity and children areas (west), suitable forms are oval and round.
  • For the glory area (south), you should choose triangular pillows.
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