How to Choose Wine Racks for Your Home


They say that wine is like a woman: when young, its flavor is refreshing and heady and as it ages, its aroma matures and the taste becomes deeper, sophisticated and delicately layered. It is no wonder wine is sometimes referred to as drink of the Gods: it is purely hedonistic and pleasure-oriented by nature, a landmark of true bon vivants.

Wine lovers know just how important it is to keep their beloved alcoholic beverage in proper conditions: from temperature and light to humidity and bottle angles, the list of storage recommendations and serving tips seems baffling. If you have not found the right place to stockpile your wine collection until now, we bring you several tips here on how to pick wine racks that will both supplement the overall style of your home and provide optimal conditions for long-term wine storage.

The Where: The Best Spot For Wine Racks

Wine Rack Cabinet
Before you launch the wild wine rack hunt, choose the spot in your home to proudly display your beloved vino collection. Most people usually stash wine in the kitchen or living room, but this is not the ideal option as fluctuations in temperature and light intensity can ruin a bottle even before you get to crack it open. The best place for wine storage is a zone with low temperatures and optimal humidity, such as the basement or a spot under a concrete staircase.

How Much Is Enough: Rack Size And Capacities

Wine Rack
Another important aspect you need to bear in mind when choosing wine racks is the quantity of wine in need of storage and types of wine bottles in your collection. As you probably know, wine bottles come in different shapes and sizes, so if your wine collection is – or is about to become – generous both in terms of volume and bottle dimensions, opt for a standard rack and a unit with slightly larger openings that can accommodate your magnums, pinot noirs and chardonnays.

As Solid As It Gets: Rack Materials

Wine Rack Designs
Wine racks come in a range of materials, metal and wood being most common on the market. Wooden racks range from the low-end versions (usually made from pine, cedar and other softwoods) to high-quality shelving crafted from redwood, mahogany and similar sturdy wood types. While wooden racks add visual interest to your wine collection, metal racking with nested holders is a better option for heavy bottles as it keeps them safely in place and prevents sliding.

Built To Last: Wine Rack Construction

Rack construction is a highly important aspect of wine storage: with low-key racking, stability may be problematic, so make sure you get your value – and bottle safety – for the money. A couple of weeks ago I made a short tour of highly-rated bottle shops in Sydney and managed to find solid free-standing and wall-mountable wooden units, some of them boasting ¾-inch racks outfitted with bottle holders and horizontal stabilizers securely attached to the vertical bars.

The Options At Hand: A Rack Or A Cooler?

If you are not a full-scale wine hoarder, you may want to reconsider your actual needs before you set out on a wine rack shopping spree. If your collection comprises just a few select bottles, perhaps a cooler would be a better storage idea than a wall-length rack. Also, if you live in a hot climate zone, a wine fridge will provide better conditions than regular shelving. If, however, your wine assortment is on the lavish side, a cellar will fare better than a standard set of racks.

There is nothing like a glass of your favorite wine to help you wind down after a stressful day, is there? To help your wine collection age gracefully, keep the bottles safely stored on the racks in a temperature- and humidity-controlled spot. Just like a woman, wine likes its qualities to be respected and cherished, and it will reward your every caring thought and storage unit investment by a long-lasting fragrance, rich hue and delicious taste that will ripen and improve as years go by.

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