How To Claim Insurance For Mold, Water, & Fire Damages?


How To Claim Insurance For Mold, Water, & Fire Damages?

Insurance plans can help you protect yourself in emergencies by providing monetary support. Damages caused by mold, water, and fire can affect your financial situation adversely, and you may be required to spend a lot of money on repairs and damage control.

Hence, most homeowners who have to deal with mold, water, or fire damage look to their insurance to cover the expenses.

However, claiming insurance may not be an easy task and can become stressful if you don’t make the right move. You need to know all the details regarding your insurance claim to get it settled quickly.

So, in this article, we guide you through the process of claiming your insurance for mold, water, and fire damage.

Ways To Claim Insurance For Mold, Water, And Fire Damages

You can claim your insurance for mold, water, and fire damage quickly and effectively by keeping the following points in mind.

  1. Document All The Evidence Of The Damage

To claim your insurance, you need to provide all the necessary evidence, including photographs and videos, of the incurred damage. You need to provide evidence with time stamps to prove their occurrence in the mentioned time frame.

Besides, you must seal all the contaminated and damaged items to reduce the chances of a dispute with your insurer. You also need to ensure that you only mention those items that were destroyed with their true values.

  1. Prove That All The Needful Precautions Were Taken To Prevent Damage

You should prove to the insurance company that you took all the necessary precautions to avoid or minimize damage to your property. You might have to provide photographic proof that shows your property was in good condition and well-protected.

You should not give the impression that the damage caused was intentional in any way. Try to provide the insurance company with as much evidence and documents that prove you did your best to avoid any damage to your property due to mold, water, or fire.

  1. Take Measures To Protect Your Property From Further Damage

You need to take essential steps to avoid further damage to your property and minimize the effect of mold, water, or fire damage. It includes some reasonable steps that prevent the spread of the effect to other parts of your property, causing more damage.

Find a temporary solution to minimize the effect of the damage and do not go for a complete repair. Your insurance company will cover these expenses by claiming your insurance.

However, you should remember to take photos before and after the temporary repair. A professional emergency restoration company like Bedrock Restoration can help you with all the repair works efficiently.

  1. You Must File For The Insurance Claim As Soon As Possible

How To Claim Insurance For Mold, Water, & Fire Damages?

Filing your insurance right away can help speed up the process and get you the deserved compensation at the right time. You inform the insurance company through your agent or by sending an email stating all the necessary information regarding the situation.

Once you contact the insurance company, they will ask you to provide the “Proof of Loss Claim,” where you mention all the damaged items and their estimated value. You must remember to keep a record of all communications with the insurance company in order to avoid future disputes.

  1. You Must Know Your Rights And The State Laws That Regulate Insurance Claims

You must know the minimum standards set by your state’s laws to claim insurance. You can access the details regarding your rights to claim the insurance on the insurance regulatory website of your state or make a call to the department.

By knowing your rights, you can reasonably cooperate with your insurance company during the investigation and handling of the claim. Knowing your rights can help you handle the insurance claim process effectively.

  1. You Should Review Your Policy Before Going For A Claim

You must know all the clauses and limits of your insurance policy before making a claim. You should review the policy and understand the coverage it offers, the limits mentioned, and the timeframe during which it is effective.

Besides, you should review the insured items and excluded objects in the policy. Also, you must know the items you have to prove the claim. Reviewing your policy and knowing all the details before claiming can help you avoid unnecessary arguments and disputes.

  1. You Must Ensure That Your Insurance Claim Takes Action Promptly

Insurance companies have a set timeframe in which they need to act once you submit an insurance claim form.

Usually, they need to contact you within 30 days of your claim request by sending a Notice of Intentions. They may ask you to provide all the documents and evidence regarding the incurred damage.

If they find there is no reason to hold back your claim, they will make the payment within the 30-day timeframe. However, if you do not receive any response, you can contact the company again or send a copy of your claim to the Department of Insurance in your state.

  1. Document All Your Expenses

In the case of serious mold, water, or fire damage, you might have to relocate temporarily to another location. In such situations, you should keep a record of all your expenses. Your insurance company will cover the additional expenses that you incur while living away from your home in your insurance claim.

If you live in paid accommodation due to the damage caused to your house, you can claim the entire amount you spent during this period. You might have to negotiate with your insurance company regarding this aspect.

Final Thoughts

Damages caused by mold, water, and fire can interrupt your daily life and cause unnecessary expenses. Insurance can help you overcome the situation by providing monetary support during this period.

However, if you do not have the proper documents and advice from an expert, you may end up not receiving your compensation. So, to effectively claim your insurance, you need to ensure you have all the necessary documents and evidence.

You should also be aware of your rights regarding the claim to avoid disputes with your insurance company. Consulting a professional can make the process of an insurance claim a smooth ride.

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