How To Clean A Living Room


A living room in the house is the main room which is used for entertaining the guests. The guests as enter the house will first see our living room. All the quiet activities and also the formal conversations are done in the living room. Keeping the living room clean is very important as it will give a long-lasting impression of the house to the guest.

Cleaning Lady in Living Room

The following tips will help to give a few guidelines to follow while cleaning a living room.

  1. It is important to keep all the cleaning supplies handy like the surface cleaner, long-handled broom, disinfectant wipes, step ladder, furniture polish, etc.
  2. We should make use of the long-handled broom to clean the ceiling lights and fans.
  3. Next, we should dust all the electronic equipment, books, blinds, windowsills, picture frames, photographs, etc.
  4. If the light bulbs are broken, then they should be replaced.
  5. Usage of a long brush should be done to remove any cobwebs in the corners of the room.
  6. we can also make of the non- abrasive cleaner to wipe the glass and also the hard surfaces like the window panes, frames, tabletops, etc.
  7. The entire living room should be then vacuumed, and also all the movable furniture should be moved so that all the corners are cleaned.
  8. Disinfecting wipes should be used to clean the phones, doorknobs, and switch plates.
  9. Suitable furniture polish should be used to clean the furniture.
  10. A specific cleaner should be used to polish various metal surfaces like the chrome picture frames, brass sculptures, etc.
  11. The sofas, couches, and also the cushions should be vacuumed.
  12. The carpets and also the rugs sometimes have very tough stains that are difficult to remove. In such a case, it is advisable to use the spot stain remover.
  13. The area which doesn’t have a carpet should be mopped with a floor disinfectant.
  14. All the objects of the living room should be kept properly on the shelves and the side tables. This will help to give the room a much-organized look.
  15. All the old newspapers and magazines should be discarded as they give the room a very messy look.

The entertainment center in the living room should also be organized well.

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